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Monday, June 5, 2017

Newsen News : Park Si Hoo considering a work for KBS Weekend drama but nothing confirmed yet


Park Si Hoo side "KBS weekend no confirmation yet, still in consultation" (official)

05/06/2017 09:36

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[Newsen, Park]

Does Park Si-hoo return to the house theater with the KBS weekend drama?

Actor Park Sihoo, a factory official, said on June 5, "Park Sihoo is discussing the appearance of KBS 2TV new weekly drama 'My Golden Life' (gaesee / drama Su Hyung Kyung / director Kim Hyung Suk)".

An official said, "It's true that the work has been brought in but it has not been confirmed yet."

'My father is strange,' followed by 'My Golden Life', which will be broadcast in August, succeeded in raising his status, but it is a family drama that draws the bitter taste of life and the process of knowing what true happiness is. Park Si - hoo 's proposed role is Choi Dae - kyung, the chaebol' s 3rd generation goldsmith.

If Park Sihoo confirms his appearance in 'My Golden Life', he will return to the terrestrial drama in about five years after SBS 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' Park Sihoo has returned to the anban theater as a cable channel OCN drama 'The Hero of the Neighborhood' last year after a controversy over his private life in 2013, but has failed to turn the hearts of domestic viewers who have already turned around and has been busy schedules for overseas activities.

'Golden My Life' is scheduled to start shooting in July after completing the casting work. It is a work that is anticipated as a returning work of So Hyun Kyung who made 'My daughter Seo Young Lee' as a national drama.

Credit : Newsen , thank you!

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