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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, June 5, 2017

Donga News : The return of " Master of Drawing "

'Review of terrestrial return' What is the recent episode? "Master of Drawing"

Enter 2017.06.05. 10:20

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The news that Park Sihoo, the actor, is reviewing the appearance of TV drama has been reported, 
and his attention has been focused on his recent affairs.

Park Sihoo posted a video on his social media on June 1st with an article entitled 
"The Master of Drawing".

Park Sihoo in the image is challenged to draw dolls wearing dark-colored outfits. 
Park Sihoo succeeds in drawing the doll both times.

Fans who watched the filming of Park Sihoo's posting said, "Mr. Shihu. Good morning. 
We are waiting for all Japanese fans happily. Have a nice day (xing ****) "," Mr. Sihoo Hello. KBS (drama starring review and standing) I am glad (sora ****) "and left a comment.

On the other hand, KBS said on the 5th, "Park Sihoo is reviewing the drama 'My Golden life" on the 5th. "But there is no confirmation yet."

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