Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, June 5, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo recorded his 60 minutes special broadcast in Japan for BS-TBS

Park Si Hoo, 60-minute special broadcast recording at BS-TBS

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Actor Park Sihoo has joined the Japanese terrestrial broadcaster BS-TBS and started a 60-minute special broadcast recording.

Park Si-hoo recorded a program scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of this year at KAZANAWA in Japan from April 17th for about 4 nights and 5 days. Although the title has not yet been decided, BS-TBS has produced the program with the sole use of Park Sihoo.

According to the official, Park Sihoo visited Ka'ana and elsewhere and enjoyed it. He went to the car driving and made jet skiing at the beach and made a special memory. The fans who gathered to see him also greeted Park Si-hoo with an enthusiastic welcome from early morning.

Park Sihoo enjoyed the joy of broadcasting nine programs including feature drama and movies throughout the month of June in Japan as well as this program. <Unnamed Hero Hero> is riding on TV broadcasts such as TVQ Kyushu, BS11 (BS broadcast), and Japan TV Plus (CS broadcast). In addition, TV TOKYO PLUS broadcasts a collection of Park Sihoo Shin Drama drama "How to Meet Perfect Neighbors" and "Prosecutor Princess". In addition, it is broadcast on <LALA> TV <Cheongdam-dong Alice> and in the channel galaxy <The Princess's Man>.

After his agency, the factory said, "Japanese love calls for Park Sihoo still continue. He will resume activities in Korea soon to express my gratitude to domestic fans who have been waiting for him. "

<Edaone reporter>

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