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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Golden Life : Veteran actor list

While we're waiting for Park Si Hoo's new counterpart in this drama,
Let's take a look at the veteran actors who will play important roles in this drama today.

Sourced from Hancinema, thank you!

1. Seo In-seok (서인석)

Male - 1950/02/22
Seo In-seok is the father of Seo Jang-won.

* Yes, he was Ha Dan Ah's father from drama " Family Honor "

~ Family's Honor | Gamunui Yeongkwang (SBS / 2008-2009) - Ha Suk-Ho (Man-Ki's son)

( And he's the only one senior actor who had acted with Park Si Hoo before  )

2. Jeong Ae-ri (정애리)

Female - 1960/08/11

3. Yoon Yoo-sun (윤유선)

Female - 1969/01/17
Yoon Yoo-sun is the aunt of Lee Seong-yeol.

4. Jang Yong (장용)
Male - 1945/04/08

5. Yoon Mi-ra (윤미라)

Female - 1951/12/18

6. Oh Yeong-sil (오영실)

Female - 1965/01/01
•Actress •MC •Announcer •TV presenter

That's so far we know 
And yes, they're really familiar faces for regular K-drama watchers!


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