Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Osaka : Tales of " His Three autographs "

Of course, it can't be anyone else but Park Si Hoo!

This story told by a Japanese woman who happened to work at the restaurant 
Park Si Hoo went after he finished his Osaka concert on June 11!

I like the story she told and hope you like it too!

" Pure & Innocent "

Told by @yu_rimama, thank you!
(A mother of 3 children who like K-pop and everything K)
Now, you know why she asked for three autographs!^^

Let's read her story!
(Translated by Bing, can't be 100% accurate)

#박시후 #パクシフ

I told Park Si Hoo,  thank you for coming to eat after the events in the Namikiri Hall, 
A shop he could look for delicious cuisine, great good sight to see. It was a happy day!
 Memories of a lifetime 👏  #박시후 #パクシフ 


Timing out on me in the kitchen did not look bad, but unfortunately I see all 
the different faces and different angles this close, we were really happy! Go outside, 
in front of the store I shoot 2-3 shots. Sorry I didn't realize that I kept shooting 
 the camera as much as possible on Park Si Hoo ← #박시후


Other people are leaving but I can't see so much ー. And the moment back 
I got in the kitchen,My eyes still on Park Si Hoo! He wore this clothes at the event?
 He seemed wearing black jacket and glasses inside the store with hair groom again. 
just me not?! So I hope ←

This picture when we leaving Narikimi hall
Yu can see (not clear) he wore black jacket and white T-shirt underneath


He thought this is as if his home, he looked through the glass of the kitchen was very nice. 
Drinking too much? overeat? Now he's in front of the cupboard "fuuuu. "Watch him little bit standing in diagonal. He has really cute arms out from the white T-shirt, 
great pectoral muscle and look good too! # 박시후 # Park Si Hoo


If I can I definitely wanted to go to the hall too! Heard Korean language, but in the front
 I want to smile to that pretty face! Or bringing a dish from the kitchen several times 
after the meal. I feel so peaceful I wanted to ask him for a hand shake but I did nothing. 
Could not.

大好きなパクシフがまさかのご来店. ホールの韓国大好きアユおんにから聞いた瞬間、

Yesterday, Working on Sunday seemed to be a good day for the first time! 
I love a visit from Park Si Hoo. Believe it or not! Koreans love Ayu's Hall, 
During that tense moment when I heard my heart stay still but goosebumps? 
On the verge of fainting? Make sight of invitation ? 
Still standing but my expression was such a surprise! Too terrible.

Hahahaha, we know what she gone through!^^

( Me : One thing I agreed with her but never thought about it!
When he appeared there was an air around him that make you feel so peaceful!
Hard to describe, if you met him before you will understand
If not, it's time to make dream come true yet?^^ )