Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our trip to Korea : Buyeo # Part 2

Papa Park & I most of the time communicated to each other with basic English
Lucky we got a Taxi driver who can understand English a little bit also.
My Thai friend, Aan had prepared her Thai-Korean translation handbook with her
to communicate with both of them also. I think that's a very good idea,
I can tell they're very impress to see Aan tried to speak Korean with them.
And this is a reward for Aan from Grandmother Park!^^

I approved this girl! Hahaha!

After that we started walking around the property and the boat house.

The guest house during renovation

Papa Park's planting a new plum tree on the hill
( The house with blue roof is the building where the Park family reside )

I want to walk up to the top of the hill behind the house
Before I realized...on the top
There were some graves of the Park's ancestors rested in peace up there
So I decided to turn back, do not want to disturb the area
After that we joined grandmother & Papa Park again

The well

The kitchen

Old traditional heater system (And stove also) to warm the whole floor, very unique!

We spent about one hour or little bit more before we thought
it's a good time to say goodbye to both of them.
It's a nice visit not too long, not too short
Both of them so kind to us.
I believe they do the same to every fans not just us.
Now I know where Park Si Hoo's nice attitude toward his fans comes from.

Plum trees in honor of PSH's dramas

After we left the house we decided to stop at Cafe' Hapoom 
Very nice place, there were customers in & out all the times
Must be a popular place in Buyeo.

Cafe' Hapoom
(Our taxi driver told us "Hapoom " means " Yawn " 😴 )

We ordered coffee for our driver but he declined to have cake with us
He sat with us inside the cafe for the whole time
The cakes were delicious, I like my Tiramisu! Yum! Yum!

We didn't go to any restaurant PSH recommended because we know
we wouldn't be able to eat the foods over there
So we decided to go back to the bus terminal
Ready to return to Seoul.

Restuarant next to Cafe Hapoom

In case you want to know how we pay the taxi who stayed with us for the whole time?
First, we checked his meters in the car then give him 10% tip from that fee!
I asked our Korean friend later, she said that's too much for 10%
So you can give them lower than that as 5%
or not at all ( That's my Korean friend's advice.) It's really up to you.

Before we stepped inside the bus terminal!
All the sudden we spotted " The Big red ripe strawberries " at nearby shop
It's Buyeo strawberry! We couldn't resist.

So sweet!^^

So long Buyeo until next time....

~ Thanks again to be with us until the end of our journey in Buyeo ~

Courtesy of Park Si Hoo and his family

~ Our trip in Korea still continued ~

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