Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our trip to Korea : Buyeo # Part 1

Many fans went to Buyeo before us.
No pictures you're not familiar with
Even with Papa Park or Grandmother Park.
But we still want to share with you anyway.
Hope you don't mind!^^

The main reason we want to share is ...
How we got there and how we felt about this enchanted place every fans want to see
At least once in our life time ( If you're Park Si Hoo's fans )

We started our day kind of late almost 11:00 am
But ended up it's not a bad idea to be there in the afternoon.
So...if you want to go there do not worry about the time too much.

From our hotel ( in Myeongdong )
We took subway to Nambu bus terminal to Buyeo
One way trip cost 11,600 won/person (you pay one at a time)

Our ticket from Seoul to Buyeo

Bus leaves every 30 minutes so you have plenty of time to prepare.
No need to bring foods or drinks before there are lots of shop to buy at the terminal.
 You can eat there or take it on the bus. I don't think they mind at all.

Inside the bus : It's old with that kind of unique smell from the old bus^^

It took around 2 hrs drive to downtown Buyeo.
The bus will stop one place on the way. First we had no idea why the bus stop
until we saw a lot of Tour buses lined up at the parking lot then we realized
this must be the place Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour bus stop also for lunch!

Bus stop : Enough time for you to run to the rest room or catch some snacks or drinks

Finally we arrived and you can spot Taxi waiting to service you right away.
Just take one of them and told them you wanted to go to Park Si Hoo's home.
First I was kind of nervous and showed them the map.
Later in the car I asked him in English, Do you know Park Si Hoo's house? 
To confirm myself he will take us to the right place.^^
And sure, he did! 
He said " Park Si Hoo? " Yes! Yes! I know!
Then nothing else to worry about.
 He will take you there no need for a map anymore!^^

VDO we took

When we arrived, boat house was in distance,
the house you see still during renovation.
Our driver told us it's a guesthouse

Late blooming this year so not much what we expect to see in Spring

Little nervous, who would be there for us to meet?
When we spot the boat house, we couldn't believe we made it!
Such a dream! After saw it on the internet for a millions time
It's still amazing to see the real one in front of our eyes.

Boat house : Very big in real and the drive way was very very steep
Only there are flat area in the back to park the car

Left over balloons from the party, some part already missing

Before we went any further we think it's better to let the owner of the house know
they're having visitors. So our taxi driver who was more than happy to be our guide
walked us toward the main house of the Park family.

Buyeo famous dog : Heard from Papa Park 
the other small dog had died last year from old age at 20 years old. Wow!

Our driver

Immediately we saw Grandmother Park's smiling and walking toward us
 then we know all our hard works to get here were worth it!

Grandmother Park and us

Later we spotted Papa Park's working up the hill, planting a plum tree.
After he saw us he walked down the hill to greet us ( such a lovely gentleman )
We told Taxi driver that we're from Thailand ( To make it's short & easy )
But when Papa Park walked closer to us he said to me in English that
Our Korean friend had just called him a fan from America coming to visit him
(Hahaha that's me^^)

Papa Park, Grandmother Park and Us
Thanks again for your kindness and warmth welcome!

We will never forget this memorable time with both of them in Buyeo!

~ To be continued tomorrow~


  1. Thank You, thank You, thank You !!!!!! I felt as if I were there. Here living very nice people. Mama and Papa Park other family members and wonderful boy's Park Si Hoo .

    1. You're very very welcome!^^ Yes, that's what I hope I could make all of you felt as if you were with us that day!^^

    2. Maybe one day I can go visit PSH's home in Buyeo . I need a lot of luck to it !

    3. Please do it and good luck!^^

  2. Thanks for sharing your story with us Nikki! It's lovely to read and looking at the pictures! A lot of wind in the video while driving! And the Buyeo bus indeed is small compared to the limousine bus from the airport!^^

    1. You're welcome, Wilma. Aann ( You have to spell her name like this from now on, I will tell you why later^^) rolled down her window (she was in the back seat) to get a feeling of fresh air from Buyeo to us. Actually it's not windy that day, very calm and not too hot either. Very comfortable weather for me. Nambu is an old terminal, I'm not sure there is another place you can take but this one is the easiest one to go to Buyeo from Myeongdong. I took limousine bus back to Incheon on the departure day. Yes, it's a lot smaller & older than the limousine ones!^^

  3. Such lovely pictures ! Thank you for sharing Nikki! Hope to visit PSH's Buyeo home one day!

    1. Yes! Do it SueLynn and everyone! Sometimes you feel reluctant should we or shouldn't we, especially if you didn't come from the three major countries and can't speak Korean at all ( like me^^) But you will learn the kindness of the Park family that give you no doubt why every fans who were there before us love them even more. They understand how difficult each of us has to go through before we could be there. We're so lucky to have an actor who welcome us to visit his hometown like Park Si Hoo.