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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

OSEN news : Park Si Hoo's dramas confirmed to be broadcasted from April - June in Japan

This news had reported since last week & still continue!
Thought maybe I can let it go because you all know about it.
But it's too good to keep it quiet!^^

To think of his 6 dramas will be rebroadcasting in Japan all over the place 
From April  10 - June 30 is amazing and as the news called...

It's unprecedented!

We love all Park Si Hoo's dramas, it's so good and classic.
No one else can ignore that fact & Japanese viewers had proven it!

~ Thanks again, Japanese fans ~

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Park Sihoo dramas... will end the final broadcast till June 
input AM 11/04/2017 10:40 
[OSEN = Park Jinyoung reporters: 

"2017 is bloomed throughout Japan, West Lake Spring!" Actor popular in Japan in Park Sihoo showing signs that unusual. Park Sihoo that will cause no thanks to the support from Japanese fans for the explosive in Japan since last being broadcast, "an unnamed hero 'Hero' Rough Hallyu. "Nameless Heroes 'Hero' has OCN collected the topic of domestic small home theater comeback 
of Park Sihoo" is the Japanese version of the title of Hero of the neighborhood. " 

What's more, the unnamed hero 'Hero' is a situation which is broadcast from Monday to Friday 
with Japanese terrestrial channels TV Osaka, TV Setouchi. The BS11 progress weekends broadcasting, and juyeonjak Park Sihoo of this exercise the strength to take over the weekends wolhwasumokgeum broadcast time in Japan. As well as "nameless hero 'Hero' 'Kane has realized 
the popularity of Park Sihoo even feeding, etc. are also released thanks to the support DVD 
in the last four days, such as the deterioration of the fans. In this regard juyeonjak Park Sihoo 
within a number of terrestrial channels pageupryeok attention to the hero without a name
 'Hero' 'Japan's decision to unprecedented encore broadcasts that can look back once again 
at the Park Sihoo chulyeonjak, it has attracted the urgent attention. 

Lara (LALA) TV broadcasting in the state that comes from today, Thursday the 27th, 
Cheongdam-dong Alice ". TVQ Kyushu began in the 'The Princess' Man' shows from 
the past 10 days, is 28 days in the channels coming from the galaxy will broadcast
 "The Princess' Man '.

In addition, Tele Plus' Park Sihoo collection of old and new drama "is providing
 a special event name, is planning to come in May and June Park Sihoo chulyeonjak Series 
broadcast. 'Selected three works, such as his fans' 2007 and 2010 and of the Park Sihoo 
juyeonjak which was broadcast in 2016 "How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor," 
"Prosecutor Princess," "unnamed heroes' heroes' chances of Park Sihoo driving View' to provide.

In particular, the same phenomenon Hallyu star in Japan they are driving views 
about the same time and can focus your attention on the fact that that did not work before. 
The assessment that the affections of the Japanese fans a long-awaited Park Sihoo 
as high intensity lighting, the terrible fever of Korean star Park Sihoo been proven.

Park Sihoo's epic footsteps proves that Park Sihoo is one of the most popular actors 
in Korea and overseas, selected by SH-K STAR. Park Sihoo has won the No. 1 spot 
in the world, including Japan, China, USA and Taiwan.

A broadcasting official said, "Park Sihoo is the only Korean star who has been strong 
in both Japan and Central China for the past few years. “He’s getting more attention 
because of the performance that he showed in" the hero of the neighborhood "
which appeared last year.

Park Sihoo after the agency factory "Park Sihoo fast and interact with fans in the future 
and relate to examine carefully the work to meet fans and the work that can be" and
 "to let the fans show sent rewarding given love and a better appearance 
and continued to worry, "he said. 


Credit : OSEN News/, thank you!

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