Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, July 15, 2016

(PIC) Local Hero : Shook hands with Park Si Hoo!

See this picture before but I never seen the comment part!^^

Posted by Seok_Jijune_Seojoon , thank you! 

This fan who happen to drive pass the shooting site & spot Park Si Hoo standing nearby

This Chinese words below was her story of that exciting moment!

And this is our translation by google, enjoy!^^

Handsome handsome ~ 
My dreams, Park Si Hoo! 
Painting leader, before shooting XX front ... 
my car through there, see Park Si Hoo 
I stick my head out 
and asked Park Si Hoo "can I shake your hand?"
 He asked "Shake hand?" 
I said, "Yes ah, can I?" 
I saw he rub his hand with his pants and said, 
"then we can shake our hands now~" 
So easy and my god that hand grip 
I do not want to wash my hands - 
Ah .... my teenage heart is overflowing 
Ah ~ handsome ah Park Si Hoo....

Credit :, thank you!

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