Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, July 14, 2016

News : movie " Confession of Murder " will be remade into Japanese movie for summer 2017

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Movie "Confession of Murder" starring Park Si Hoo, 
had made a decision to remake in Japan

Movie "Confession of Murder " will be remade in Japan.

"Confession of Murder" was published in November 2012, It's 2.7 million action thriller 
that was successfully hit by mobilizing the audience. The public at that time, a serial killer
 to appeal aging has passed has received a great deal of attention to draw the unconventional materials to become a star by the autobiography to confess he's a murder. 

This remake of the "Love Letter", production company ROBOT that was discharged 
representative hit in Japan, such as "Bayside Shakedown" is responsible 
for the planning and production.

In this time of the remake to add a new adaptation to reflect the atmosphere and the era of 
the Japanese society, supervision to participate with Japan's representative actor. South Korea original  of Confession of Murder  in killer role by Park Si Hoo, will play by Tatsuya Fujiwara, also known as starring in the "Death Note" has been cast. 

The criminal Auditors Jung Jae Young was played at the original, Hideaki Ito was awarded
 the Outstanding Supporting Actor Award at the Japan Academy Award in the movie 
"WOOD JOB! ~ God removed by complicit everyday ~" was chosen. Also at this time of 
the remake "Joker Game", "SR Saitama Roh wrapper" works in Yu Irie supervision, 
which is a new expectation primarily attention of the Japanese film industry, 
such as it holds the megaphone.

ROBOT company of this time began it has purchased the copyright from the show box remake, 
Japan TV is investment, Warner Brothers to distribute. Thing unusual specific if you look 
at the point large-scale crime thriller genre, a Japanese film market 
that has not been produced before.

Remake of "murder confession", "22 years of confession - I am the murderer -" 
will crank in the end of this month, is scheduled to be released in Japan next summer.

MBN Star Son Gina reporter / photo = show box provides input 2016-07-14 

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