Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Park Si Hoo's selling Girls Generation's " Pop Corn " T-shirt for H.O.P.E Charity in 2009

What a Fate!^^

Saw these pictures many times!

 But it never crosses my mind that Park Si Hoo & Yuri 
one day would act together in the drama!

Thanks to Turkish fan who brought this up in her Instagram yesterday!

Now when you see these pictures again, I'm sure you can't stop connecting them 
with drama " Local Hero " that made Park Si Hoo & Yuri met each other in real 7 years later!

See Yuri's popcorn in the middle ?

What did you ask me ?

Do I know Yuri ?

Can I sing some of their song ?

Wait! Ask me 7 years later! Hahaha!

Credit : DCinsideParkSiHooGallery, thank you!


  1. Nice pics...PSH looks so natural and cute !
    Thank you for sharing : )

  2. He looks happy and seems to be enjoying himself at the event :)

    1. You're welcome! I think he just came back from Africa trip and before his 2nd JFM concert in late 2009. Whatever he experienced in Ivory Coast must be a life long memories he will never forget! When you did something good to others, you are the one who will be rewarded with happiness! And that's what you see in the pictures! Also this is my favorite hair style of him also ; cute, charming, and sexy too!^^

  3. Yes, he looks cute and handsome in this hairstyle : )