Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chestnut Company : Bamtrae from Buyeo

You might remember fans mentioned about this chestnut package 
during Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour last April, 2016.

And I just saw this article by Japanese fan, myonzya27 at Sihoorang, thank you!

She came to Park Si Hoo's birthday party and received this chestnut package liked everyone else.
But she decided to go farthur than that. So she went back to Buyeo again the next day
on April 4 by Taxi.

Picture she posted, 
Not sure that Date : 2013.10.13 means?

She wrote that the chestnut farm owned by Park Si Hoo's father

Pictures from the article

She ordered the whole box to Japan!
She said she had it while she's watching drama " Local Hero " at night!^^

You can check this company from th link below :

( Bam means night , Trae means tree : English word or they call Konglish )

Source by Mei, thank you!

( It has English version on it from the top bar menu )

Pictures & some interesting information from the company website :

Okay! Fans from Europe, India, Japan, and some part of Asia!
If you want to have Chestnut from Korea, don't forget to look for this brand!
Another way to support our actor, thank you!!^^

Credit :, thank you!

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