Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 30, 2016

AL News in Japan : Park Si Hoo plays in China/South Korea collaboration movie that will full of crying

This news reported by Nikkan Sports News in Japan

The first paragraph, they talked about another well known movie ( For Japanese viewers) 
that came out in 1997. Nothing to do directly with " After Love " but as both movies focused 
about " Tragic Love story " so we just leave it here for you to see the connection 
between these two movies in the eyes of Japanese people...

Translated by Google, won't be 100% accurate, thank you!

April 29, 2016 

Fukuda Masaharu (47) shows he starred in Fuji TV nine months drama "love song" propaganda program favorite song is Masayoshi Yamazaki (44 years old) singing "One more time One more chance" , when he and Kazue Fukiishi married for seven months, it is a sweet time, but this song is like the lovelorn song ah. Masayoshi Yamazaki starred in the 1997 film "The Moon and cabbage," and created the theme song for the movie "One more time One more chance" , the song on the charts slowly rising and long-term popularity, YouTube video plays at present So far more than 10 million times very popular. Lost lovers, the changing seasons, look for lovers face in the empty corner of the unconscious, apologetic heart, sad face of death and parting, a few songs, but I think it expresses a very poignant love story. 

The news didn't have picture at all so we just add it by ourselves!^^

Similar movies, China, South Korea Cooperation film "Looking after your voice Love Love" (also known as the thoughts of love, After Love) publicly released on May 14. 

About a former pilot who happened to have Hearing loss (in one of his ears) and was forced to abandon his dream and work as a ground crew. Later in such desperation he set up a blind date to get married, to have a good impression wife cheerful sincere heart love but not straight, but his wife died suddenly. 

Accidentally he discovered the tape recorder, he found out that his wife left a deep affection on the tape that he could not remember when he came in contact with such a karma. Holding his wife's possessions, and thus began retroactive his wife's life. 

Starring  Park Si Hoo from movie "Confession of Murder" (2012) and popular drama actress " Princess Goong" (2006), Yoon Eun Hye. After the three sections is to analyze the recent comparison of Park Si Hoo's acting with similar movies, so professional and powerful. 

Park Si Hoo with soft image go hand in the second half of the opponent defunct love story showing  "he is truly a good person" but also in the early stages he's showing of the acting of a man with desperation. He has been doing a wide range of roles ; he can be a strange person or looked in to his face or looked into a round face depending on the angle. Eye oozes joy in the star-crossed. In a configuration that come and go with the slightly open lips ... I recall one scene that he tried to convey something, with facial expression, it is a comedy that exactly match the time right.

The director, Eo Il Seon well known for movie "Plastic Tree" that won the award in France. He is skillfully weaves times between the past and present,  that show his competence. He will make you cry till the end.

Credit : Nikkan Sports, thank you!

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