Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Local Hero : Park Si Hoo & Yuri

We saw Yuri just posted pictures of her in Macau during Local Hero's shooting!
And we still don't understand why this scene was cut off from the drama?

Why? Why? Why?^^

Yuri is working in another project right now
so we can't think of any reason why she decided to post these pictures
besides she misses that scene as much as we do!

Let's farewell to this unseen scene one more time!
We doubt we will get a chance to see it!

Park Si Hoo, Yuri, and her stylist

We love their Tango scene very much! Do You ?

And this is the deleted scene 
with Yuri & Park Si Hoo in their casual outfits

Yuri's pictures that just uploaded at Weibo

This is a picture of Park Si Hoo & the director

You can guess what they are doing. 
Yes! The director was showing Park Si Hoo how he supposed to act with Yuri!^^

And Yuri had said during the press conference 
that she had a kissing scene with Park Si Hoo in Macau!
So no need to say more! The rest you know as much as we do!

Credit : YURIKWON_GG/, thank you!

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