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Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, February 7, 2016

News about Park Si Hoo : Abs & all about Local Hero

We put 2 news together in here because it's not much information we don't know!

With Google translation

1. Neighborhood Hero, Park Si Hoo vs Lee Soo-hyuk's abs showdown is 'real chocolate?'

* *This news talked about pictures of Park Si Hoo & Lee Soo Hyuk in Marie Claire 
magazine that Lee Soo Hyuk was recently taken for the magazine but as we know 
Park Si Hoo's pictures they showed on the news, was the pictures he took long time 
ago for the magazine probably around 2011-12!

Brief translation

Neighborhood Hero : the two actors in Neighborhood Hero, for Marie Claire neighborhood 
pictorial hero of this topic and actor Lee Soo-hyuk & Park Sihoo abs pictures are eye-catching. 
In a recent online community, the photos was published chapter titled "Heroes Lee Soo-hyuk 
& Park Sihoo abs confrontation of the neighborhood." The pictures are two ...


2. Park Si Hoo, "Neighborhood Hero 'gyeolbang regret soothing, 
causing well-warning' shots Recent attention

** Again all of this pictures were old pictures from Weibo! But the good part of this news 
is the last paragraph when they praised Park Si Hoo for his acting in..Local Hero. 
so we will show that part for you to read in here.

Some part of the article...

....Neighborhood Hero, will be broadcasted the episode 5 on Feb13, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm and will resume the normal broadcasting time. In the meantime, Neighborhood Hero ' Park Si Hoo is in the process of acting in disguised as an ordinary bar (BAR) president to get a revenge for the death of his colleague who was unfair and he was fully digest in all action, comic, mellow set of three kinds. In particular, in the fourth episode the fact that Choi Chan Gyu (Lee Soo-hyuk) discovered the fact about a 'shadow' who took defend in the culture district is Baek Si Yun (Park Sihoo) will be increased the tension.

Photo by Weibo Park Sihoo =

Yiingyeong reporters, thank you!

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