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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Local Hero : About The Characters ...Part # 3 ( Lee Soo Hyuk & Yuri )

등장인물 소개
About the characters

* (Using Google translation, some part is really hard to understand
Please be aware of that, thank you!)

Choi Chan Gyu

(played by Lee Soo Hyuk) 
peripheral figures

Choi Chan Guy (28 years old) | Employment prepare students

"Justice is ... Whoever is able to obtain employment in the world?"

Went back to the army, also graduated. As can still go. 
Whether it is retired, both graduated or are still ready now ... As student employment.

There is a small motor nerve when it was splendid start of 100-meter run (the results are) 11 seconds.
Because it is on learning rather than learning to avoid Kyu Chan, studies sport disciplines
 it is also a very good choice.

Continuing education courses are due, although also got advice when physical education teacher,
 but It's not Chan-kyu's idea. (To become a physical education teacher)
 looks a little too indifferent and tasteless (boring).

Chan Kyu really want to be, like 007 or so officials Jason secret.
In the world as a stage to start Action, Thrill (Adventure (?)), Adventure, 
and most importantly, always talks about "beauty" dream job!

Officials want to be a secret, then, come to the inauguration of the job in important intelligence agency.However, the competition rate CIA, for Chan-kyu is undoubtedly too high to climb, 
So he chose to be a police.

Work on the streets of this matter, 
He thinks it is very appropriate, and athletic ability are born of both offenders 
who can become a help that can be obtained immediately identified.
Especially if there is the opportunity to dream it is to enter the CIA hired this dream.

Thus, although persistently challenged the police civil service exam, 
but always get the job again in the written examination.
In the first switch 20-to-1 ratio in the competition left this matter, nor is it a simple matter.

Now, back to the reality of the dream away Kyu Chan, began the 'stream of planning' work. 
And in 'Bar Neighbor (neighbors)' based.
Here, in the eyes of the ladies, a very popular brother is allowed.
Although is was allowed to stand quietly when monitoring, 
but also want to be like a sponge to absorb his charisma and strength.
It began alone fiery secret adventure.


배정 연
Bae Jung Yeon

 (Play by Yuri) 
peripheral figures

"We, the living, although it is very difficult, but (the face of life) 
nor too low with head down."

'Bar Neighbor (neighbors)' of another hero.
And during the 20 years of operation of this place By President Huang, 
there exists between the time allowed to take over the store now, 
invisible to defuse tensions courageous youth.

Given a lot of grace on yellow and pro-grandfather as president.
But the new owner, Si Yoon always seems very strange.
And all guests were said they want to be close to friends as positive figure is rare.
What lies behind the ice machine hidden suspicious,
Usually always joke about, alone time, it comes out of a sense of cold can not get close.

Jung Yeon assignments in the script, added one and the same time allowed (full) doubt men.
Themes also replaced. At Macau hotel she got together inside of the human weapons spies Story 

However, there is also aonther man entered quietly in Yeon's life.
Suddenly become Bar Neighbor (neighbors) regulars, He's totally not weird 
(the Department) of unlimited transparent man Chan Kyu.
Said to be the same age that reason, at the same time it seems to want to be close to, 
to play a wide variety of questions, a lot of guys.
Want trying to hide something, although edited unnatural way lies also very embarrassed, 
because that touches the experience laugh ...

Only close to the two men do nothing, and when Choi Chan Kyu.
One day, abruptly, Jung Yeon comprehend what it is. 
Now her heart is in between the two men sitting seesaw, is not it ...

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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