Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Local Hero : So far what we know about " Baek Si Yoon " and others....

From OCN Section : 등장인물 소개 (About the characters)

Our Mei helps us analyze the characters 
 To make it easier for us to understand. Thanks, Spy Mei!^^

Beak Si Yoon

Spy Baek is a highly qualified martial fighter!^^

He was in the highest level of combat martial arts expert.
He can kill people with bare hands

"Three years ago, he had quite a future as a CIA intelligence officer.

But something went wrong!
Jin Woo & So Ahn ( his co spies) . Jin Woo died in Macau 
while working as secret agents and their whole team blamed on Spy Baek 

About "Hwangsajang" (President) 

He is well known in the neighborhood because he used to own the Bar 
which Baek Si Yoon bought over from him as he is retired in his 80s

He was also from the secret agent when he was once young & experienced a lot of pain 

& tragedy like Spy Baek & the actual "Hero" who was around to help the weak around 
the neighborhood in the past. Due to his past, he was very experience and
He was the first person to notice Spy Baek secret identity 
while hanging around his bar.

( * Interesting thing about : Choi Jang Kyu (Lee Soo hyuk's role) 
He is a fast sprinter! He can run 100 metres in 11mins!^^ )

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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