Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 7, 2016

News : Park Si Hoo & Ai on 'Dearest wardrobe ' went "Hanbok Cafe Dating

This news just came out this morning about 
Park Si Hoo will finally appear in Ai's program ( after our long waiting!^^ )
It will be tonight, Jan 7!

Park Sihoo, 'Dearest wardrobe' MC Lee Myeong Ai "hanbok Cafe Dating

Star Daily News Source : Articles sent 2016-01-07 

▲ Park Sihoo, Ai ⓒ content and stories people

[Star Daily News = hwanggyujun News] China's largest representative of the video site Youku fashion program of 'Dear closet "Korea Special Edition 2 7th - is anticipated in the planning Hallyu star Park Sihoo is to appear in (Goodnight picture actor Park Sihoo appearances) .

That 'Dear closet' is broadcast via Youku, China's largest media platform group, Youku and content and people Stories (hereinafter CNP) (NYSE: Lee Sung-jin) to together plan a "Youku life 'of fashion, beauty channel No. 1 program' Jang Yoon-ju 'Chinese called Li supermodel she is responsible for MC. The first began broadcasting last 17 days' Dearest wardrobe"Korea Special Edition 2 is broadcast across a total of 10 times, and she goes to form MC Lee to introduce excellent products and a visit to South Korea trend of Korea places.

▲ Park Sihoo, riae ⓒ content and stories people

This shows that the Korean star Park Sihoo gained high popularity in China and spent a good time to find the typical tourist mecca Myeong-dong in Seoul with MC Lee aewa. He introduced the "Hanbok Cafe in Myeong-dong, so she has a lot of interest in usual Li Korea can experience the culture of traditional costume hanbok in Korea. Two people found "hanbok Cafe 'is what you can experience wearing hanbok is known as direct foreign tourists to popular attractions of possible hair, makeup and of course souvenir photo taken.

▲ Park Sihoo, Ai ⓒ content and stories people

Day Park Sihoo gave a thumb up toward Ai in building a smile as fine hanbok wearing a neat side head 'This Costume fits so well, did not praise, record his own photos with a Polaroid camera was also present year. Finally,  Park Sihoo delivered directly prepared a special gift such as including more shine and give the patch a whitening toothpaste smile smiling look of this beautiful Ai 
LED mask. It can be found in the coming Jan 7, broadcasting for more information.

News Report and Press Release, thank you!

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