Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Updated : My Life Documentary Program Preview : A happy man Kim Byung-ki on 2/15 at 10 pm.

Special VDO Preview of My Life Documentary program 

It will be on air at 9:50 pm tomorrow, 2/15

You can watch the program through this link ;

Park Si Hoo said about Kim Byung Gi : 

“During shooting, he seems very strict and very charismatic, but he is really different. 
When he’s not shooting, he’s very gentle and caring.” Whenever I meet my senior, 
he always give me encouragement and say hello first. He encouraged me every time 
I see him at the filming site and cheer me up I was very grateful since the first time 
I met him,so that I can feel the energy on the filming site. 

Shin Hye Sun : 

"I thought that he must put a lot of efforts in order to do a long run while reading the script, and he wrote a very detailed in Chinese character so that I would like to have it too." 
"Because he's my senior at the shooting site and there was a hug scene in the drama. 
It's kind of awkward to take affectionate scenes as a long lost granddaughter 
(In the story) it was not easy when I shoot with the teacher.
But he made it easy when he's holding me, so I ended up keep holding him back
even when I was not on camera. "

Kim Byung Gi talked aboout acting in " My Golden Life "

In KBS2 drama My Golden Life, I am playing the role of villiain chairman, Noh Yang-ho. 

He's caused national anger with great performance. 

Kim Byeong-gi said, "Especially, this drama had a real expectation, 
but I did not know that it was going to be so good until now. 

VDO Preview

Life Documentue My Way is the best recognized person in each field Mentors 
who serve as a symbol for others and a unique life that lives up to their own values! 
A new person who is genuinely and faithfully conveying the lives of people 
who represent Korea in this documentary program.

Credit :, thank you!

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