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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, February 22, 2018

MGL - Do Kyung & Jian ...The meaning of Bag & Bread in Episode 47

In Episode 47

Many fans don't understand the hidden meaning 
during the conversation between Do Kyung and Jian in the car. 
So I will try to interpret their reaction from this scene one at a time.

First let's listen what they said !

After Jian said "She had eaten "
Then Do Kyung grabbed a bag from the back seat and handed it to her.
Jian looked inside and found 2 pieces of breads
 then they ate them quietly in the car.
Before she put the bag back in the back seat.

It seems nothing to you , right?

But let's look back to the scenes in Ep. 9 and 17

In Episode 9 :

The scene ...when DK & Jian were still brother & sister
After finished their dinner lesson and heading back home in Do Kyung's car.

Jian wasn't feel well, 
so she's looking around in the back seat for a bottle of water.

And this's DK's reaction...

Yes, Do Kyung's very fussy about his personal space as he called it!^^
But when Jian turned her back to put away the bread bag, 
He didn't say anything and allow her to do that.

What it means?

Jian may saw he changed to be Choi Do Kyung again
Arrogant and cold toward her.
But he couldn't hide his love for her and she's not a stranger for him anymore.
She's one and only person who he allowed to be in his personal space.
 (without knowing himself!)

So sweet!^^

And...In Episode 17 :

In Do Kyung's car again!^^
They're heading back home after Do Kyung found Jian on the mountain. 
And you knew what's going on in Jian's mind that time.^^

Do Kyung asked if she's hungry.
She said "No" but he still insisted to take her to the restuarant
and made sure she ate!

Mean..Do Kyung learned that her answer " No " 
to him means " She doesn't tell him the truth "
That's why he prepared the bread in advance 
because he knew if he asked, she will answer him the opposite!^^
And she knew...he knew her very well also! 

That's the meaning of this scene.


I didn't mention about the early part.

DK :: " Do not be sarcastic, you don't know me! "
Jian replied :: " I'm sad because I knew you very well "

No need to explain you on that, right?

Yes, they know each other by heart, 
No need to ask why he or she did that.
And this is the way they love each other!



  1. Thank you for interpreting this scene. I was actually disappointed because they seemed so distant and cold to each other. Now I know that it was their own subtle way of expressing their love.

    1. You're welcome!^^ I heard so many fans complained about it. And I think someone needs to explain what's going on in this scene that I like so much!

  2. Yes, I have seen and felt that strong connection between two people who love unconditionally and definitively. They are in that moment when the understanding between them is done only by a glance or a small gesture or simply telepathic. This inner peace and full understanding are seen wery well, especially by amazing Park Si Hoo. All these delicate feelings, dear Niki, you've presented so eloquent!

    1. I know you can see it through without my interpretation here. PSH fans always see beneath the surface when it comes to his acting that can be as 3 dimentional act! Good acting from both sides made this drama's so successful and really enjoy to watch! And thanks for your compliment!^^

    2. Tridimensional act - very well said! I love this empathic couple, in both ways: fictional, as the scriptwriter described, and real, as actors on the filming site. I think it's about a kind, friendly relationship.

  3. Thank you gurl.. you made my day πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—