Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Drama Festival in Osaka : Jami Dami Tweet 2017.06.11

Posted by ジャミとダミ‏ @neko_jamidami , thank you!

 ジャミ; ご主人さまの歌声にうっとりだにゃん♪ おつかれさまだにゃん(≧∇≦)
ダミ; ピアノ素敵だったニャン。次も楽しみニャ〜(╹◡╹)

Jami; Still mesmerized by the voice of the Lord! I ♪ thank you to cat I (≧∇≦) 
dami; Nyan was a nice piano. Also fun nyah-(╹◡╹) ♡ soon as possible Tokyo Nhan go ♪ 

 ダミ; ダミ; 大阪の英雄対決?なんのことニャン٩( ᐛ )و

Dami ; Dami; Hero Showdown for Osaka? That's what Nhan ٩ (ᐛ) و 
dami; Nhan had a confrontation with nerd hero of Osaka claims to be Lord and master. 

 ダミ; ご主人さまはただいまO,Xゲーム中だにゃん><
ジャミ; ジャミも挑戦してるニャン♪

Dami; My mother now O, X game mites in cats I > < 
Jami; Nyan I challenge even Jami♪ 

Credit : Twitter, thank you!

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