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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

COM News : 'I'm a murderer', a good example of a remake version...

This news article talking about the succeed of Japanese version of 
Park Si Hoo's movie " Confession of Murder* " ( I'm a Murderer)
in Japan that going on right now!

They talked about it hit the top at Box office for 3 consecutive weeks
 since it's opening on June 10

What's behind this successful production and how it's impact Korean E-Business!

But they seems to forget about one important fact that...How much
 Park Si Hoo has a great impact on this movie when it's shown in Japan in 2013!

In this article said regular screening times for movie in Japan is around 2 months
But " Confession of Murder " was in theater longer than 6 months for sure!

How about that!


Article from SBS funE [Non-fiction of Kim Ji-hye], thank you!

A Japanese remake of the movie "I'm a Killer", "The 22nd Confession - I'm a Killer" 
(Confession of the Year 22 - I'm a Murderer) It is raising.

The 22-year-old confession, "I am a murderer," was released throughout Japan on June 10, making it the first-ever box office. Not only did it blocked first place in the Disney animated cartoon 'Beauty and the Beast' for the eighth consecutive week, but it also defeated 'Logan' by Marvel.

The first march was not for a week. So far, the box office has remained at the top for three consecutive weeks and has exceeded one million people. It is one of the best movies in Korean movies made in Japan. 

The number of cumulative audiences in the box office for the third consecutive week can be thought of as 'one million people', but it is not a system that drives the Japanese movie theater with about 1,000 screens in the first place like Korea. The 'Confession of the 22nd' was released from 329 screens across the country, and has maintained between 300 and 400 screens so far.    

The movie 'I am a murderer' is a movie released in November 2012, directed by Jeong Byeong-gil, and is a crime thriller starring Park Sihoo and Jung Jae Young. The murderer of the serial murder mobilized 2,720,000 spectators nationwide with his imaginative imagination and fresh action directed at confessing the crime after the statute of limitations. 

Tetsuya Fujiwara, who is famous for Movie " Death note ", is the perpetrator and bestseller writer who played Park Sihoo's role in the Japanese remake work. The role of detective Jung Jae-young was played by the actor Ito Hideaki who won the best actor award in the Japan Academy Award for "Wood Job".

Chang Won-seok, president of Biei Entertainment, said, "The confession of the 22nd year has exceeded 1 billion yen (about 10 billion won) in sales. "The 22nd anniversary confession is an extraordinary box office, and I am very happy as a producer of the original film," he said.    

The success of this film was made possible because of the localization strategy. While taking advantage of the original ideas of the original works, he attracted the attention of his audience through his adaptations reflecting the atmosphere and the times of the Japanese society. The sequel murder case, which was set up in the drama, raised the density of the drama by adding cinematic fiction to the actual events that occurred in Japan in 1995, such as the Great Hanshin Earthquake and the Subway Sarin incident. In addition, casts of two actors with popularity and acting were excellent.

The confession of '22 years' confession' is in progress. Unlike the domestic theater scene, Japan is guaranteed a long-term screening of at least two months. Sales exceeding 1 billion yen in the third week are expected to be able to expect sales of 20-3 billion yen or more. In addition, the second-tier earnings related to the movie are expected to be considerable, as Japan has developed an additional rights-related market such as DVD and publishing.

The success of the Japanese remake of 'I am a murderer' seems to be a good example of Korean content's globalization strategy, as' Suspicious Girl' has been a great success with the remake of Southeast Asia and China. 

Credit :, thank you!    

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