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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, June 23, 2017

A Masterpiece drama "The Princess' Man" always interesting no matter how many times you watch!

This Japanese website report about the drama after it's broadcasted again in Japan
(How many times? I stopped counting long times ago!^^ )

Like the comment about our beloved drama in here.
We know it's a masterpiece drama
and so true, never tired watching it again and again.
If your hearts' strong enough to handle it!^^

A Masterpiece drama "The Princess' Man"
Always interesting no matter how many times you watch!

"The Princess' Man" from the first episode.
Just like in humans, if there is something called "case" in the drama,
" The Princess' s Man" was a work of "exceptional" which makes a distinction from
other historical dramas so far. It's a lot far better.

New point of view

"The Princess' s man" has many sights.

For example, the splendor of casting, the fun of the story that captured the historical facts,
the glittering scenery that makes the heart excitement, the effect of inserted music giving
the presence in each scene ... .... " The Princess' s man" had the creation and ingenuity of
the production team put in details. New perspectives are also included.

In the first episode, there was a scene where Seung Yoo visited the girls room of
Princess Kyon hee's costume, but the camera angle at that time was the same as
that of Se Ryong. Then, the audience became feeling that he was watching
the costume room together with Se Ryong. What a dazzling thing about that costume! 
The drama must be like this. Only by pleasingly improving the heart of the viewer,
the work can obtain eternal life. 

Joseon Dynasty version Romeo and Juliet

Director Kim Jung-min, director of "The princess' s man,"
has analyzed the success factors of the drama.

"First of all, it seems that it is in the structure of" Joseon Dynasty Romeo and Juliet.
"This is a universal story Sons and daughters of the enemy's family who love each other
and there is the greatest obstacle in the love of these two people I think that the basic skeleton
 like Shakespeare 's "Romeo and Juliet" can be popular structure "

"The second one is dealing with the era of Suyang Dynasty, the story of that time
should have been the most drama in Korea, the uncle's head shrine is a nephew.
 The story of killing (Tanjon) and depriving the throne is very dramatic, I was hoping
that good results would be expected only in the structure
where the above two were combined. "

As such, Kim Jung Min It is said that the goodness of historical material
was the factor of the success of "the princess' s man".

At the same time, Kim Jung-min's competence is also a big deal.
The "princess' s man" became more interesting than it was
because it dramatically drew a turbulent era. (Continued on Page 3)

I wanted to draw the "justice"

The people who produced the historical drama in Korea, there is a strong sense of mission.
It's holding that it must be a great lesson of history to be told also
That's Kim Jung Min supervision.

"What I wanted to draw as an individual director is" justice.
"The time when Kuang Yang's era
is noticed in posterity is societally when oppression is severely suppressed.
The purpose of becoming a king by killing brothers and nephews and punish all
who opposed him, on the other hand, is the death of six figures who resisted
by giving their own life.The leading era of oppressive regime is the leader of
Prime Minister History has a point with the reality. Why did you talk about
Mao Yang Dynasty at this time because Korean society
 has recently been back in democratic part In that sense I also want the scriptwriters
to have a consciousness of "Why do we make such a historical drama in this era?"

Indeed, Kwang Yong Tao took the throne in outrageous form,
resistance was six martyred ministers is of executions
To have. "Princess' s man" is playing the role of informing such absurdity to
the present age. It is a really dramatic drama.

Link for more historical fact about the characters in the drama

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