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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Updated : Park Si Hoo and PERVERSE Sunglasses : TONI BOLOGNI

Updated on 2017.05.25

~ These sunglasses are available again today! ~

Website :

Just bought one!^^


This information from a Korean blog calls " Style Winner ", thank you!

박시후 인스타그램 선글라스 : 퍼버스(Perverse)
Park Sihoo Instagram Sunglasses: TONI BOLOGNI (Perverse)

박시후 인스타그램 선글라스 : 퍼버스(Perverse)
박시후가 인스타그램에 자신의 셀카를 올렸네요~
한동한 소식이 잠잠하더니 이렇게 패셔너블한 모습으로

Park Sihoo Instagram Sunglasses: TONI BOLOGNI(Perverse)
Park Sihoo posted his POV on Instagram -
But it had to do so fashionable appearance Han was silent news
Show natneyo ~

박시후가 선글라스에 모자, 후드 모두 멋지네요~
박시후가 착용한 선글라스 브랜드는 어디일까요?

Park Sihoo with a hat, sunglasses, and hoodie all wonderful -
What can be to wear sunglasses the same brand as Park Sihoo?

박시후가 착용하고 나온 선글라스는
퍼버스에서 나온 제품이에요~
보잉 메탈 프레임에,
핑크 레드 컬러의 렌즈가 들어가 스타일리쉬하고
남녀노소 누구나 착용할 수 있는 패션아이템이에요!
Park Sihoo wore a sunglasses
He's putting the product to the buzz ~
Boeing metal frame,
Into the pink and red colored lenses so stylish
AU's fashion that anyone can wear!

We had checked out the sunglass website 
and found out this particular pair was sold out!

But...we still have some information to share with you!

** In case if you 're interested to have a pair of this brand, 
there is a giveaway campaign going on now!

You can go to their website or Instagram for a chance to win!^^

🔥One for you and 2 for your friends!!! 
Win 3 sunglasses, one travel case and one sunglass cleaner. 
Here is how you can enter: 
1- Follow @PERVERSEsunglasses and like this post
2-Tag 2 friends and #PERVERSEsunglases #Giveaway 
(Enter before 11a PT tomorrow)

Winners will be chosen at random pick. 
The winner will be announced tomorrow at 12p pacific time. 
Get taggin' Get sharin'

😎  And I just did! Wish me luck! 😎

Credit : perversesunglasses, thank you!

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