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Friday, May 26, 2017

Navicon News : Drama " The Princess' Man " will start broadcasting at BS Nippon Television on May 29

Navicon - News

Like the way they described Park Si Hoo in a role of Kim Seung Yoo here!

...The character,  Sueng Yoo as a hero, Park Si Hoo is very popular in Japan. 
His beauty and sad charm had exploded in this drama!

Seung Yoo is the youngest son of Authorities Kim.

In the first half he had shown a superior man, a dignity, a good look 
and also little bit of a reckless as a young nobleman,

And a wild "Dark Seung Yoo" that sprout in revenge in the second half, 
knocked out all the female audiences as twice of his charm...

That's right! All of us still can't get him out of our minds until this day! 😉  😂

◇  BS Nippon Television "drama" program official site 

 The Princess' Man : Start 2017.05.29 Mon-Fri 10: 00-10: 55  

◇  Now you can view on Hulu 2 weeks for free , viewing being carried out now! 

Google translation :

BS Nippon Television, the ultimate love romance historical drama "The Princess' Man" of the Park Shi Hoo starring broadcasting than 5/29! Delivery information  

The motif of the coup d'etat "Mizunototori Yasushinan" to remain in actually happened Korea dynasty history at Korea dynasty of the 15th century, drew the ultimate love-romance that is at the mercy of fate Park Shi Hoo and in the Moon Chae-won starring "princess of man "is," quotient road in BS Nippon Television - sand - "broadcast on may 29, as a subsequent program than the (month) to the moon to Friday hemp 10 am to 10 pm 55 minutes! This work is under popular delivered in May current Hulu. 
⇒ Now viewing on Hulu! 2 weeks free viewing being carried out now!  

[Enjoy twice the "Princess of man" and] in, are summarized detailed synopsis and sights of the historical background and the story of the drama, the charm of a real person and the cast, the information to enjoy the drama, such as beans knowledge. 

"The Princess' Man" , the Korean dynasty fifth rhubarb-Munjong of Joseon late after, as draw a love "Korean version of Romeo and Juliet" to be torn by the happened coup in the era of the sixth rhubarb-Danjong which was crowned by an early age work that drew attention.

In 2011, a collection of overwhelming popularity Tatakidashi the viewing rate of nearly 25% in South Korea of Mizuki drama. 

The play Sun'yu of the hero, the popular Park Shi Hoo in Japan. His beautiful and sad charm explode!

Sun'yu, the youngest son of the authorities Kim Johnson of time.

In the first half superior to Man Mo, dignity, good looks also a little bit also wrecked while both young nobleman,

And wild "Dakusun'yu" that sprout in revenge in the second half, knock out the female audience at twice the charm.

 New drama "Nameless Heroes cho <hero>" (2016) and,

Tatsuya Fujiwara is a remake starring "confession of murder" (2012), the Park Si-hoo that show off the action of modern drama plenty.

In this work, a little bit different show off Historical action is a contemporary action. 

Historical action of the Park Schiff, appeared in the brother-in-law the role of the 2008 Lee Jun Ki "Irujime - Iljimae ~" While showing off even,

In this work, it fascinated me the action and romance to surpass it.

Also look out for hanbok wearing dress in the stunning style of the model born.  

The fall in Sun'yu love with Seryon. Suyan tycoon of the eldest daughter, while a royal daughter, curious and lively nature. Is the play "Brilliant Legacy" "give me a young lady!" "Good Doctor" Moon Chae-won of. 2008 period drama "Wind of the painter" in, but played a beautiful Pepper (Kisen), play a little wayward princess in this work. 

Two people and falling into a square relationship, and Kyonhe princess Hong Soo-hyun played, Shin Myung the judge of Han Jofu that Song Jong-ho plays. Speaking of Hong Soo-hyun, "angel of temptation" and "large祚榮Tejoyon" "salaryman SuwaeKankokorozashi" actress who played an important Yakudotoro. Play Kyonhe princess, in the eldest daughter of Korean Dynasty fifth rhubarb-Munjong of Joseon, and the sister of the sixth rhubarb-Danjong, contemporary best of beauty. The Seryon while large of good friends in relation to the cousin, begin unawares adores the Sun'yu. 

And Shin Myung Song Jong-ho plays is also a close friend of Sun'yu, I would love Seryon even though it is a good rival. Song Jong-ho is, "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee" "Cain and Abel" "If it rains snow on Christmas" handsome actor who appeared in such. 

Speaking of historical drama, in appearances of veteran Historical actor is large, it has appeared many actors of the young in recent years.

The main cast is at that time young good looking actor aligned also set be cast in-actress,

Moreover, uniform and because active in both the historical drama and modern drama is rare.

Historical drama fan, of course, for anyone who wants historical drama is not good also, should be able to watch refusal without feeling. 

Of course, Lee Soon Jae feel the weight of history drama, also a veteran such as Kim Young-chul strengthen the side. 

◇ BS Nippon Television "drama" program official site 
 2017.05.29 start Mon-Fri 10: 00-10: 55  
◇ Now viewing on Hulu! 2 weeks free viewing being carried out now!  
[Detailed explanation] [And enjoy twice of "The Princess of man" ]

Credit : Navicon news, thank you!

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