Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Updated : K Wave App : Make a wish to your favorite star Part # 3

Now, we have reached our 1st goal!

" 102,320 hearts and 80 fans "

Thank you, everyone!

Our next goal will be... 

" 200,000 "

First, I have to confess that...
 I was reluctant to write this post quite sometimes
Before I decided to go for it!^^

One of many reasons is...I'm not sure I should bother you? 
but I think it's better for you to decide!

Link :

You can find more information about this App from our previous posts

Now, why we need you ?

1. We have 23 days left before it will reach the final!

2. Many stars had reached to the point that hard to catch up with them.
But it doesn't mean we should give up (Many stars still behind PSH as well )!

3. I read about many stars who completed their 30 days.
You can see some of them achieved different points.
And they still do something for their fans.
Such as ...

4. We want Park Si Hoo's proud!

So far we have reached...102,320 hearts (5/6)
~ With 80 fans participated
~ I have 13,682 points (5/5)
( That came from $20 purchase of hearts )

As I said I want Park Si Hoo proud!
I can't be in Japan for him, 
I would spend thousand times more if I planned to be there.
So...I decide to spend this little money I can spare for him to do my part.
But it's hard to do it my own or just 80 of us.

So we need you to join us, please.


Our next goal is " 200,000 points "

How to do it, I think you can figure out from our previous post.

No! No! No!
I don't ask you to spend money like I do ( It's up to you on that ^^)
But you can earn your free points everyday by...
- Just write your comments , 
- Upload your pictures, 
- Or do nothing just being there...
- Every minute you stay they will give you free one heart point.

So you can use those points to click " Heart point " for Park Si Hoo

The more the's really true in here.

I and the others are doing our parts as much as we can
And we hope you can join us in this journey for Park Si Hoo.
Thank you, everyone!

Credit : K Wave app, thank you!

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