Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, May 6, 2017

T.O.P # 54 : International fans can buy the magazine at

This newest magazine's circling around PSH's fandom
Even another actor's in the cover but they have interviewed Park Si Hoo.

And now, if you would like to own one?
Yes, you can!

Go to this link : 
(We suggest using chrome for English translation )

"Hallyu TOP" VOL 54 (2017 / July issue)

Release date: 2017/5/16
※ Shipping will be after the release date. 

 ■ Pick Up Star Interview

★ ★ Park Si Hoo ★ ★

" Korean Princess' man", "Cheongdam-dong Alice" "Nameless Hero" 
and many other titles such as Hallyu Star Park who is popular mainly in Asia. 
In June he will hold an event around Fukuoka , Osaka , Tokyo 
"Great Thanksgiving Tour with Park Si Hoo Drama Festival! 
And we will bring you the birthday event that took place in Korea also.

Credit :, thank you!
Credit :, thank you!

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