Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

K Wave App : Make a wish to your favorite star Part # 1

 This website & App run by K-Wave 
( One of the well known Korean magazine that published in multi languages )

You can check their website & download their app on your smartphone from this link :

What this app have to do with Park Si Hoo?

It's not only Park Si Hoo but many Korean stars had participated with this activity as well.

When you go there they have many stars for you to choose, 
of course I picked only Park Si Hoo!^^

And it will take you to this page!

Then they will ask you to comment your wish for him.

Sample : My first wish & photo for PSH!^^

At first everyone will start with number of hearts to click for PSH 
(like the way you vote for PSH on other sites)
 The number of your hearts will appear everytime you click until you ran out of them. 

You have ways to get more hearts by ;
1. Adding more comment & photo for PSH and 
they will give you 10 hearts for one comment, 10 hearts for 1 photo.

2. If you're willing to buy more hearts then you can do too.

After purchased you can exchange amount of your kisses into hearts

This app has English instruction for you so we will let they said by themselves.
This's just a brief explanation how this app works ( As far as we know )

( More tips will be posted in Part # 2 )

Link : /k-wave-app-make-wish-to-your-favorite star Part # 2

More information we learned ;

1. Look like they give you 30 days started from....
The day they posted PSH's on their instagram.
You will see the count down clock on the page.

2. After 30 days, your stars (PSH) will appear in a short VDO.

3. You can buy your stars' item on line.

And this's so far we understood about this app.

If some of you have been there before and had different or more information, 
please feel free to write it down in our comment box 
for other fans can learn from you as well, thank you!

Credit : K-wave, thank you!

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