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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 29, 2017

ENISHI : A Great Man # 2

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( Notice : We need to skip some questions due to translation problem sorry! )

There are 3 Psychology Tests with multiple choices for PSH to choose.
** (The answers will appear at the bottom of this post!^^ )

Test 1

" A Great Man "

Among the great men who accomplished great accomplishments in the great world, 
I challenged psychological tests that compared to individual characters in particular. 
What kind of great type Si Hoo is? 

Q1. If you decided to train a dog who does not listen to you at all.

 1. I will discipline it normally. 
2. I will train it gently. 
3. Give up 
4. Strictly discipline. 
5 . Leave it to the professional. 

 Q2. Which of the following do you have trouble running out? 

1. Favorite toy 
2. Album in smartphone
3. Old Albums 
4. Credit card 
5. Personal computer

Q3. What is your favorite fairy tale?

 1, Momotaro (Japan) 
2, The Ginga Railroad Night (Japan)
3. The Little Prince
4. One million live cats 
5. Nothing in here

 04. If you can evaluate the grades of your native language
 in 5th grade in your school days,What it will be?

1. 5 
2. 4 
3. 3
4. 2 
5. I

Q5. You are playing a game, but you could not defeat yet
in the mean time, It's time to go to bed now ... 
What will you do? 

1. I will go to sleep and capture it later tomorrow. 
2. I will play until I win. 
3. I will feel a bit more upset. 
4. After all it seems I will continue until morning ....
5. I do not really understand the game anyway so ruin it and withdraw.


 Test 2 

Characters in historical Era

There is a historical drama both in Japan and in Korea, 
and various characters will appear in it. Samurai, evil deputies, ruler etc. 
such as good people and bad people get mixed up, 
a historical drama with a unique world view. 
It is a character diagnosis of such a historical drama. 
What kind of character type Mr. Si Hoo is? 

Q1. You are a type weak against temptation? 

1. Very weak 
2. Quite weak 
3. Rather weak 
4. Not weak
5. Rather strong

Q2. How do you evaluate your sense of justice at five levels? 


Q3. Are you obedient type? 

1. Yes, I am very straightforward 
2. Rather straightforward 
3. Not quite obedient! 
4. Hehe, can you see I'm obediently? 
5. I won't tell you!

04.  "If you were a farmer in the Edo period, 
what would you do if you were exploited into a bad Shoya* ? 

1. I will move to another land. 
2. I will do my best to make myself become Shoya. 
3. I will cry. 
4. I will tell my substitute officer. 
5. I will defeat Shoya.


Test 3 

Time Slip 

What if you had time slips? 
Anyone would had thought about such a thing once. 
How wonderful it would be if you could go to and from the times freely, 
like the world of comics and novels, to the past where famous historical people lived, 
to the future yet to see .... What is the perfect time trip for Mr. Si Hoo ...? 

Q1. If you can meet future people in front of you, what do you do? 

1. I will ask about the future. 
2. I will be friends. 
3. I will catch him for the time being. 
4. Because I am afraid him to escape. 
5. Call the police. 

Q2. If you could be born again in your favorite era, when would you want to be?

1. The future that technology has developed is better. 
2, I would like to be born in an old age. 
3, I would like to survive the chasm. 
4 · Age is good as values ​​change. 
5, the contemporary is the best! 

Q3. What is your favorite food? 
1. Hamburger 
2, cake 
3 Steak 
4 Sweets 
5, Sushi 

Q4.  Which one make you feel the most useful 
when you acquire knowledge? 

1, Television 
2, Radio 
3, Good meeting
4, Smartphone news application 
5, Newspaper


** Answer **

Test 1 : Q1 =  5, Q2 = 2, Q3 = 3, Q4 = 3, Q5 = 2

Test 2 : Q1 = 4 , Q2  = 1, Q3  = 3 , Q4 = 5 

Test 3 : Q1 = 2  , Q2  = 1  , Q3 = 3  ,Q4  =  4,


The Little Prince novel

~ Shoya means " A village chief " in Japanese 

Credit : ENISHI, thank you!


  1. Thank you very much !!!! I love our The Little Prince !!!!