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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Drama Festival News : Tickets & Backstage pass for Viewers only

This information came from Galaxy channel that broadcasting Park Si Hoo's drama 
" The Princess' Man " are offering their viewers the exclusive lottery tickets
 to meet Park Si Hoo in the backstage during his Drama Festival Tour. 
Two persons for each performances then total will be 10 lucky fans 
who will get a chance to meet and take photo with him in the dressing room.

Super lucky! Good luck, guys!^^

Link :

【Viewers Only】Tickets and Backstage pass to take photos with Park Si Hoo during Drama Festival Thanksgiving Tour" !

"The Princess' Man," "Cheongdam Dong Alice," "Nameless hero" and many more are the work titles of Park Si Hoo, A Popular Korean star in Asia. 

Currently, his latest dramas are broadcasting all over Japan, and the Japanese archipelago 
is Park Si Hoo Festival! In order to further boost such a festival, Park Si Hoo decided 
to visit Japan with a gratitude feeling. Entitled "Drama Festival Tour with Park Si Hoo "
with a different theme for each performance, the name scene, name speech, 
and Park Si Hoo will appear in the costumes match with the scene in front of you. 
A stage full of realism can be unfolded and enter into the world of your favorite drama. 

In the mean times, we will present a ticket & backstage pass during " Park Si Hoo Drama Festival -Thanksgiving Tour" only limited to Galaxy channel viewers for 10 people (5 performances x 2 people) by lottery. The backstage pass will be a valuable opportunity 
to take photos with Park Si Hoo himself in the dressing room after the event, 
so do not miss this opportunity!

[Viewers only gift] You can take photos with Park Shih! "Park Si Hoo Drama Festival-Thanksgiving Tour" Ticket & Backstage Pass 10 people (5 performances x 2 people)

Lottery Tickets Entry Period: Friday, April 28, 2017 ~ May 21st (Sunday) 2017

Information about The Princess' Man broadcasting schedule on Galaxy Channel :

Link :

Select the desired venue from the three venues below and submit your application. 
※ This is a gift for Channel Galaxy viewers only. Cable TV, SKY PerfecTV! , 
Au Hikari must be watched with either of these conditions. 

For winners, we will answer a simple questionnaire on the event. Since there is a possibility 
that we will publish the questionnaire contents later on the WEB site and programs etc., 
please apply after acknowledging. 

※ Osaka, Tokyo's day / night performance can not be specified. 
※ Each subtitle has different subtitle, contents change. 
※ Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. 
※ The announcement of winners will be refunded with the shipping of prizes

 ① Fukuoka 
● Subtitle: ~ Meeting with the fateful person Seungyeu
● Date and time: Friday, June 9 OPEN 17: 30 ~ START 18: 30 ~
● Venue: Fukuoka · ACROS Symphony Hall 

② Osaka 
● Subtitle: 
【Afternoon ~ Bar】 Neighborhood Shiyun Talk / / 
【 Night】 ~ Nightless Osaka Hero ~ 
● Date and Time: June 11 (Sun) 
【Afternoon】 OPEN 13: 00 ~ START 14: 00 ~ / 
【Night】 OPEN 17: 00 ~ START 18: 00 ~ 
● Venue: Namikiri Hall 

 ③ Tokyo 
● Subtitle:
Lunch】~ Love comedy! Lawyer So · Inu vs CEO Sunjyo ~ / 
【Night】~ Glorious action! Dark Seung Yu vs "Shadow" hero Shyun ~
 ● Date and time: 15th June (Thu) 
daytime】 OPEN 14: 00 ~ START 15: 00 ~ / 
【Night】 OPEN 18: 00 ~ START 19: 00 ~ 
● Venue : Tokyo · Tokyo Dome City Hall

Credit :, thank you!

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