Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, May 6, 2017

ENISHI : Buyeo home Part # 3

It's Weekend again!^^ 

This time let hear what Park Si Hoo will tell us about his new villa in Buyeo!

Pictures are combination of our photos 
we took when we visit Buyeo last April
and some from ENISHI magazine, thank you!

** (English translation by Google, it won't be 100% accurate)

Let start!

I think that the environment have influence me to spent a great time on my commitment. 
You can see a very nice landscape from inside of the room. 
If it rains it will be the rain scenery, 
And you can feel when the sun is setting. 
That is why I am thinking this is the best I can see from the house. 
I think this is a sensitivity of myself since my childhood.

 My preference is the place where you can enjoy hot springs after all! 
That's why I am making an outdoor bath. 
It will be a semi-open-air bath, when you open the window, 
And it will become an indoor bath when you close the window. 
Timber of the bathtub decided to order Hinoki beyond 100 years from Japan ...
but the 150 - year - old tree that arrived was different from 
what I was hoping for with the grain firmly attached. 
That's why I ordered it again and it took another month. 
Because of this, the construction period keeps on growing. 
It is still under construction, 
but I will show you the latest photos for ENISHI readers as well! 
It's first public in the page!

The villa is completed but still filled with such feelings of myself. ... (laugh) 
"I am a really trouble man when looking from the surroundings.
I created a lot of pain to our carpenters also
 I am sorry I can not convey my envisioned image properly 
Sometimes it can be very frustrated.

I have been referring to various cultures one after another as I started building this house. 
Italy was also impressive. I thought that such harmony would be enviable, 
making good use of old-fashioned culture but well tailoring with modern ones.
Such things can not be done in a short period of time 
And those things aren't soaked in by the tradition of that country 
transmitted from old times. Because the harmony of the tradition 
and the new culture can be seen also in people's daily life and buildings, 
such a part was nice and I thought that I wanted to follow them. 
Because I am greedy like that, it is hard to complete a villa (laugh).

 "About 80% of the villa in Buyeo is completed" 
It seems like I have been saying that for a while ~> <

Feelings that I got old in mind because of the villa ... 
I wonder if I am too much greediness ~ 
I definitely want to ask for the perfection  ... 

 If it's like this, even at the next ENISHI 
I still say that the completion is just about 90% ... 
Start a little worried ....

Credit : ENISHI magazine, thank you!


Link :


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~ Have a great weekend, everyone ~


  1. Thanks for the translation, I really enjoyed reporting about a new house. Especially the bathroom was very interesting. My fantasy ...Good smell, quiet music, really good for the soul after the daily hard work.

    1. You're welcome! Yes, it's quite a long time since the house was built. Many of us may wonder what's going on? And now we know why from his own words! Hahaha! The Hinoki bath tub is really interesting also, That's why he had a lot of pictures of himself in the tub because he really loves it!^^

    2. Welcome Nikki ! Thank you your answer.