Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Drama Festival : Fans allowed to take pictures of Park Si Hoo in dramas!

Announcement from JOFC, thank you!

Link :

On 2017-05-08

JOFC had announced fans can take pictures of Park Si Hoo during the event when he appears in his dramas' costumes.

As this guideline ;

In Fukuoka : 6/9

Seung Yoo in Hanbok from drama " The Princess' Man " 

In Osaka : 6/11

Si Yoon from drama "Nameless Hero "

In Tokyo : 6/15

- Daytime performance; 
Seo In Woo from " Prosecutor Princess" and
Seung Jo from " Cheongdam-Dong Alice"

- Evening performance, 
Dark Seung Yoo from "The Princess' Man", 
Si Yoon from " Nameless Hero"

Photograph shooting should be limited to devices such as mobile phones, 
smart phones, tablets and so on. We will refuse any shooting with SLR.


Below is...Google translation from the original post


It is Park Official Japan Official Fan Club secretariat.
Have you all enjoyed the Golden Week?

The day when Mr. Park Si Hoo is coming to Japan closer!
As Fan club secretariat staffs, we are doing our best to make the event a success!

Fans also participate in various projects, so it is on the side of making the event
I am looking forward to the day of the event and it can not be helped! It is!

Anyway! It is! As seen in the title, look at that wonderful Shifu of that drama in front of you,
And you can even take pictures!

In Fukuoka, "Princess' s Man" Sunyeu (Hanbok)
In Osaka, Shiun of "Heroless Hero <Hero>"
In the daytime performance in Tokyo,
Seo Inu of " Prosecutor Princess"
and Sun Ye of " Cheongdam-dong <Alice"
In the evening performance of Tokyo,
Dark Seung Yu of "Princess' s Man",
Shiun of " Heroless Name Hero <Hero"

You can put various figures of Mr. Shiff in the photograph!
※ Photograph shooting should be limited to devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and so on. I will refuse shooting with single lens reflex.

Everyone, I've had more fun again! It is!
Fan club pre-order, 5 May 10 days ( 23:59 up to)! 
Fan club's enrollment will still be in time if it is credited by tomorrow ( 9th )!

· FC Early Booking (Lottery)
2017 years 4 May 26 (Wednesday) 10:00 - 5 May 10 (Wed.) 23:59 ※ 2017 years 5 May 9 until (Tuesday) joined the ( = payment already) been better is,
 You can apply for advance reservation.

5 May 12 days ( gold ) Toraku notification to
Application- specific URL :
Dedicated TEL : 0570-02-9552

★ Fan Club Membership Certification: Please log in with your membership number and birthday 'month / day' of fan club registration.

Credit :, thank you!

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