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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, May 12, 2017

Will Park Si Hoo join "SGC SUPER LIVE IN JAPAN 2017" on June 28?

Our Japanese friend "Megumin " found this information and poster, thank you!

You can see Park Si Hoo's picture at the bottom right with other female celebrities

The concert will be 2 days on June 27-28 in Yokohama

The organizer announced the stars who will attend the concert 
on Tuesday, June 27 as they called it " The 1st Lineup "
For concert on Wednesday, June 28 or " The 2nd Lineup 
still not clear who will be as the picture shows below :

So...I think we may have to wait and see then!^^


Introduction about  "SGC SUPER LIVE IN JAPAN 2017"


"SGC SUPER LIVE" Landing in Japan for the first time in 4 years,
 "SGC SUPER LIVE IN JAPAN 2017" will be held on 
June 27 (Tue) and 28 (Wednesday) at the Yokohama Arena!

At the same time announced the 1st lineup!

Intex Inc. (Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; 
President: Kazutoshi Tanno) and Seoul Girls Collection Co., Ltd. 
(Representative Director: Kim Eunsu) 
are made up of FASHION × K-POP CONCERT 
and boast a tremendous popularity all over Asia. 
We will hold the Hallyu Entertainment Show
at the Yokohama Arena on June 27 (Tuesday) and 28 (Wednesday) 
 In addition, we also announce the 1st lineup at the same time. 


"SGC SUPER LIVE" fused a concert by K-pop artist with a high customer attraction 
with a runway show featuring "Real Clothes" for young ladies from teenagers to their thirties 
who focused on trends In the entertainment show, in recent years it has also become a place
 to announce the latest work of both Korean style fashion brand and street fashion brand
 at the same time from that high attention. The first show will be held in Seoul, Korea in 2012, 
after that every time we hold the number of customers, we are creating an economic ripple effect 
of the support brand. In 2013, we landed in Japan for the first time, then expanded the venue 
to various parts of Asia, including Thailand and Singapore, and we are communicating 
Hallyu fashion to a total of 200,000 people to date as a place to communicate 
Korean trend information.

The 1st lineup will be announced this time, RAIN (Pi) married to Kim Tae-hee and has reached
 the second heyday, veteran solo singer SE7EN (representative of Korea), seven pairs 
with both sides of Korean hip hop and idol Male hip-hop idle group Block B (Block B), 
five idol groups representing Korea, all of whom are active in singing, variety, drama, 
CM etc HIGHLIGHT (highlight), recently released "daytime evening" 
Five-person female idol group EXID (E-X AID), 
who runs at the top of the Korean female idol world, is a Korean-Japanese mixed voice 
unit group BLANC 7 (Bran Seven) showing excellent talent both in dance and singing. 
Cast: Rain (Pi) / SE 7EN / Block B / HIGHLIGHT / EXID / BLANC 7

"SGC SUPER LIVE IN JAPAN 2017" to be held for the second time in Japan will be held 
at Yokohama Arena 2 days and will be held at a scale that surpasses last time.

Details of the long-awaited 1st lineup will be announced at 
the official HP <> sequentially "SGC SUPER LIVE IN JAPAN 2017". 
Official Instagram <@sc_super_live_official>, 
Korean Official Instagram <@ sgc_super_live_2017> 
and other SNS will also send out information from time to time, so please be aware!

【Event Information 】

Date: June 27 (Tue), 28 (Wed) 
Place: Yokohama Arena (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) 
Time: 18: 00 Opening / 19 : 00 Organizer 
: SGC JAPAN Executive Committee , Seoul Girls Collection Co., Ltd. 
Planning: Intex Production: 
INTEX Inc., Seoul Girls 
Collection Inc. Official website: http: //

Official Instagram: @sgc_super_live_official 
Korea Official Instagram: @ sgc_super_live_2017 
Facebook: https: // 
Fref = ts twitter: @ SGC_Twt

Credit : "SGC SUPER LIVE IN JAPAN 2017", thank you!

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