Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hello everyone & Happy to be back!

Long time no see!

I really miss all of you but
 Never missed anything about our favorite person,

" Park Si Hoo "

So much traveling in some remote areas made it really difficult for me to run the blog.

During my absence nothing could be more excited than his Birthday celebration

And...of course a Great news about his recent drama ...

" Neighborhood Hero in Japan "

So happy for him and always thankful to Japanese fans for their continuous support!

Let's wrap them up here as our memory before we will move on...

PSH's Birthday VDO message at JOFC

PSH's message & pictures at Sihoorang, Weibo, and Instagram

 생일 축하해 주신 여러분 감사해요 사랑합니다~😗😙😚
Thank you for your happy birthday ~ I love you ~ 😗😙😚

Pictures from the Birthday event on April 2, 2017

And VDO news that gave us some clues about...

~ Something we can expect in the near future,
~ Something we're looking forward for a long time, and
~ Something we wish it will happen soon...

What else it can be if it isn't...

" His Fresh New Historical Drama "

Below is PSH's own words during his interview for K-star news...

" ... 지금 열심히 작품 검토 중에 있습니다 오랜만에 한번 사극도 또 하면 
괜찮을 것 같은데요 갓도 쓰고 하면서 예전에 [공주의 남자] 같은 그런 사극도 한 번
 해봐도 괜찮을 것 같아요... "

" ...I am currently working hard on the review. I think it would be nice if I will play 
the drama again after such a long time. I think it would be okay to do such 
a historical drama like [The Princess' Man]... "

What else do we need from him rather than that, right ? 


And...Still more to tell about my trip to Korea

For now I just want to say... 

😀  Happy to be back, everyone 😀

Yes! Love you & you all 😍

VDO & Pictures credit : Park Si Hoo, Kstar news, JOFC, Sihoorang, 
and Fans who shared them with us, thank you!


  1. Thank you for your return ! I waited a lot of good reports ! I'm very happy !

    1. Thanks for your waiting!^^ Please wait a little longer (not too long^^) , a lot of materials and pictures to share!^^

    2. Thank you in advance ! I'm glad you're here !

  2. Hello Nikki! I'm glad you're back sooner than I expected.

    1. Hahaha! How long you expected me to return? Such a lovely friend! Thank you!^^

  3. I understand that you miss three months. I misunderstood or three months have passed already?

    1. Oh! You're right about 3 months. I had included my time from jet lag also! It's always bother me after I came back from abroad, usually take me around 2 weeks to recover from it.^^

  4. All you posted today resembles with the travel gifts, for the loved ones. There are many and delightful news about our beloved Park Si Hoo.

  5. Welcome back home Nikki!^^ Hope you had a smooth entry and customs at the airport didn't cause you too much trouble!

    1. Thanks, Wilma! Please check your email!^^

  6. Welcome back Nikki ! We miss you !
    Hope you had a wonderful break and enjoyed your travels, especially to Korea and PSH's hometown Buyeo!

    1. Thanks, SueLynn! Now you heard about my trip to Buyeo! Hope you enjoy it.^^