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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Korean News : Park Si Hoo, Asian continent dull .. OCN 'Heroes of the neighborhood' Japan terrestrial broadcasting start

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Park Si-hoo, Asian continent dull .. 
OCN 'Heroes of the neighborhood' 
Japan terrestrial broadcasting start
sports Korea | Sports Reporter Korea journel
On 17.02.27

Actor Park Sihoo has been showing off the popularity of Korean Wave by crossing Korea 
with Japan and China as a drama "Heroes of the neighborhood" last year.

OCN's "Heroes of the Neighborhood," which has been featured in Park Sihoo's comeback 
albumfor the past three years, is being broadcast on the Japanese terrestrial channel
 from the 9th. 'Heroes in the neighborhood' is on the radio wave from 8:55 am to 9:55 am 
Monday through Friday through the Japanese terrestrial TV-osaka
 under the title 'Unnamed Hero'.

Especially, in the "heroes of the neighborhood" broadcast last year, Park Sihoo was 
a promising information agent, but he had a favorable reception with his two faces, 
Baek Shiyun, who plays an active role as a "shadow of the neighborhood" 
while hiding his identity. Moreover, the 'hero of the neighborhood' had a record of 
being sold abroad in an unusually high amount 
of cable drama shortly after news of Park Sihoo appeared.

Above all, "the hero of the neighborhood" which is broadcasting in Japan is attracting
 attention because it gets special response even though it is broadcast from Monday to 
Friday in the morning of the week.

In the meantime, Park Sihoo is concentrating his attention on China as well as in Japan 
as well as in China despite the crisis of the Sad. SNS Weibo follower number 
is exceeding 1 million people and is firmly established as the best Korean wave star 
in Japan and China. The power of Park Sihoo, who is steadily guarding
 the position of 'Global Star', loved at home and abroad, is attracting attention.

After Park Sihoo's agency, "Park Sihoo is trying to choose the next one with his constant 
self-development and mind-set not to lose his initials," and "please watch Park Sihoo, 
who is always doing his wholeheartedness to repay the love of his fans." Said.

Credit : Sports Korea Reporter Jo Eun-eun, thank you!

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