Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Updated English translation : VDO : Park Si Hoo's interview for LaLaTV to promote "Family Honor & Scent "

Full translation from the interview by Mei Park, thank you!

Japan ♪ LaLa TV channel will be broadcasting the sweet mask that have captivated many women, handsome actor Park Si Hoo starring in the drama "FAMILY'S HONOR" will be broadcasting!~πŸ’•

Japan ♪ LaLa TV channel will be broadcasting the sweet mask that have captivated many women, handsome actor Park Si Hoo starring in the movie "SCENT" on 9th October (Sun) 
at 12:00 and on 17th October at 11:00 will be broadcasting!πŸ’•πŸ“ΊπŸ’•

Q :: In “FAMILY'S HONOR”...what is your role in it and what is his character like...
what kind of person is he and what are his charms?πŸ€”

πŸ’œPSH :: 😚 “FAMILY'S HONOR”, I played the role of Lee Kang Suk who is a company director. He is a ruthless man but through his encounters with the person he love, 
he is a charming person who will change to a better man. Everyone....even an awfully 
bad man can repent^^...hehe...πŸ˜„πŸ˜† will see the fun when he is revealed 
so please watch him^^...haha~~~πŸ€—πŸ˜‹πŸ˜†

Q :: Next question...Which scene will you choose that remained the most impressive

. πŸ’œPSH :: πŸ€”The most impressive scene that remain is...😳as this is a lengthy drama
...the scene that I most often think about is...the scene when I have to confess to 
the female protagonist in it😘 as such must be purifying😳😍 love so addictive?πŸ€”
πŸ’•...hehe...πŸ˜πŸ˜†Well...I don’t remember...😁but everyone, if you love to see it ....
πŸ€—I think that can be seen in the drama so make sure you watch it ...
πŸ€— please^^...yes...*nodding*πŸ˜‹

Q :: Where have you been in Japan and which part of Japan you want to go again?πŸ€”

πŸ’œPSH :: πŸ€”Where I want to go....πŸ˜ƒahh...I went to Sapporo long ago...yes...πŸ˜‹ 
ate buckwheat noodles at that time...because we were at a noodles shop....πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜
I love to eat noodles all the time so I may go to Sapporo again to eat noodles^^...hehe~~πŸ˜‹

Q :: Please tell me the highlights of this drama.πŸ˜ƒ

πŸ’œPSH :: πŸ€”Errr...well...😍The highlights of this Lee Kang Suk😘😊
...and also Han Dan Ah’s parents...πŸ‘΄πŸ»πŸ‘΅πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»her’s not the wealth 
which is fatedπŸ’°...just like Romeo and Juliet❤️πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ’”...all their heartbreaking pains exceeded beyond them. πŸ’•A story of love which two people...πŸ’‘ a man and a woman 
who are fated to love...πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜˜I hope everyone can capture my sentiments^^~😁😊

Q :: What is your role in the movie “SCENT”? What is Si Hoo Ssi’s character in this movie?πŸ€” 

❤️PSH :: πŸ˜ƒI played the role of an interior designer who then went looking for his girlfriend whom he broke up withπŸ˜’πŸ’”...went over to ChinaπŸ‡¨πŸ‡³...and in China he met by chance with another lover who is a πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³China woman and he is a πŸ‡°πŸ‡·Korean man...πŸ’˜this is a love story genre. πŸ˜ƒI think this is what everyone is looking forward to very much^^~πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š

Q :: What remained the number one impression in the movie “SCENT” to you 
and why is it so?πŸ€”

❤️PSH :: Errr...I think everyone carry their cell phones these days?πŸ“±πŸ’•...In “SCENT” 
the πŸ•Šdove appeared. The dove is the love messenger which send letters...πŸ’•πŸ•ŠSince there
 is an unique scene, please look forward to it.πŸ’˜πŸ“½πŸŽž “SCENT” is a romance movie 
that I was appearing for the first time so I think everyone will look forward to it 
very much....furthermore...there are beautiful landscapes of πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³πŸŒ‡πŸ’•Shanghai 
and beautiful sceneries of πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸŒ‰πŸ’•Busan in my country. 😍I think it can be 
felt throughout the movie scenes. πŸ€—Everybody...please love “SCENT” a lot^^~πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„

~ The End ~


Credit : LaLa TV , thank you!
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