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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

News : Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Kang Ho Dong's “Star Descent” TV show suddenly stopped the production ... Saad impact? 2016.10.06

You may remember there was a news month ago that Park Si Hoo 
was invited to be a guest show in this new joint Korean-Chinese variety show 
called “Star Descent” (working title).

Link to the old news :

Many of us wonder what's going on? 

Now this news had confirmed that the program had been stopped. So it's common with a new show like this, they tried a few episodes to check the rating but if it won't go well as plan then they won't produce anymore. And nothing to do with Park Si Hoo at all!^^

(Not Sure what the word " Saad " means something?
Sound like some anti-movement is going on in China?)


Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Kang Ho Dong's “Star Descent” TV show 
sudden stop production ... Saad impact? 2016.10.06

Sports Chosun article sent 2016-10-06 

[Sports Chosun maximum borane News] Chinese Wave sanctions 
aftermath have been spreading also in the arts. 

According to the 6 broadcast officials halted the production of Kang Ho Dong
 and Lee Teuk is Hanzhong Gassho entertainment program "Star Descent 'spiral as moderator. 

Is an official the Sports Chosun, "after this initial seven" Star Descent "was scheduled 
to be organized in September day, but in August organized he milliseconds, currently
 organized discuss the state altogether stopped," said, "this production is no longer in progress, 
and when in China if I can be broadcast said the unknown. " 

"Star Descent'and the job that contains a story taking place in the company, 
visit their star perform a title befitting him experience a variety show. Of Kang authentic
 and that of China Arts jinchuljak, scheduled Shandong Satellite TV to cover 
China's 1.2 billion people viewership broadcast 
attracted a topic before production. 

In particular, Korean stone 'SNSD members' Sons of the Sun, Sunny and Hyoyeon, 
Wave It has also emerged as star Shrine, gathering to the topic appeared in Japan 
and Ji Suk-jin, such as the "Advent star, which the Park Sihoo, issue the 'running man' 
moles have a thick fan base in China. 

with the recent Korea-China relations infarction after Saad place gotta have captured 
more than airflow, etc. Hallyu star and Korean drama. Chinese national newspaper 
published gwangjeonchongguk (gwangjeonchongguk) is known to be an informal 
guidelines issued by each respective satellite broadcaster is broadcasting officials 
confirm whether the effect is being increasingly has expressed concern. 

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