Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, September 10, 2016

ENISHI Tour : Interesting facts about his autograph & more...from fan

Many of us have seen them yesterday.
Now let read what China fans told us about it!

By 守厚星子萱, thank you!

1. 看上面的签名照,厚厚签名时一竖正好到一位姐妹头上,就停下了,

Google translation

I'm listening to the children that there are several details to share with you : 

1. See above signed photograph pricked when thick signatures just to a sister's head, 
and stopped, no longer continue to draw down, more to understand etiquette! 

( She meant this one, please look at his Hoo " 후  " line 
almost blocked a fan's head so he stopped right away!
Usually he always draws that line longer if you compare with another picture. )

2. Writing the date, written 2019, I found wrong, between 1 and 9 plus a 6, and proud smile. 

( PSH first wrote 2.19 and noticed he wrote wrong 
so he added number "6" in between 19
That's why it looked smaller than other numbers then he smiled^^ )

3. Check point, he was there about ten minutes, so fans got a chance to look at him enough! 
Because he has to take off his hat, glasses and mirror finishing. 
The custom people whether would like to see Hoo Hoo, they asked him a lot of questions, 
like his signature more than average person. So it took us the opportunity to watch Hoo!

Credit :, thank you!

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