Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mentor's message to China fans : Event planning

Brief summery :

Mentor had informed fans about a special event.
Something like Fan Meeting around August ( mid or late )
And they asked fans to give them some feedback or suggestion about the plan!


It seems very short notice if it will happen in August!
But we wish them good luck & successful with the plan!

Google translation

Park Si Hoo's agency event planners
Park Si Hoo Japan fan club : Mentor 2016-07-13 

My second shot works, with the view - say,
 to guess right in powder Park Si Hoo agency event planners

I entered the company has over 2 months, and did not do anything
 during the actual service to you in the pink thing very guilty.

But sincerely thank you for the suppor!

From the first day I joined the company, 
we always wanted to hold a special Hoo FAN MEETING.

Try to keep you in the pink can be more convenient for some to participate in activities
 as much as possible so that you can enjoy the event more special, try to make the powder 
can be applied thick and have more direct communication platform. . . It is my biggest wish.

Everything so far enjoyed by Japanese powder, the powder can also have hope.

(Do not have to listen to understand Japanese translation,
 do not have a direct translation Japanese subtitles ... 
Listen Hoo tells the feelings of the powder)

Now generally familiar with the company's atmosphere, so to say,
 proceed to prepare the meal special activity.

Starting today, I would like to raise their views.
 Understand and sort out everyone's requirements, 
the company's formal proposal.

To August (mid or late) so far, please support and advice.

Because this is about the interests of the powder, 
please a lot of participation and promote more Chinese to thick powder.

Of you have any suggestions in both powder Perform in the comments or private letter.

If you actively participate in the powder high, I can quickly determine the activities organized.

And, if you can hold the successful implementation of the words. 
Because it is the first pink agency activities FUJI XEROX memorable. 
I can be a pretext for everyone to strive for more specials. 
And the continuation of the activities organized by the agency powder.

Thanks for your support!


Original article in Chinese

朴施厚日本后援会Mentor  2016-07-13 12:15:53

朴施厚日本后援会Mentor  2016-07-13 12:15:53 举报 阅读数:1975


从我进公司的第一天起,就一直想为各位举办一场中粉专门的施厚FAN MEETING。












Credit : mentor/, thank you!

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