Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, July 15, 2016

Korean News : The hero god with Shower requirement

On this news, they mentioned about many Korean actors with the shower scenes.
They're more focusing on particular four actors who their dramas are showing on 
Netflix ( The biggest online TV & Movie in USA ). 

( FYI :  Park Si Hoo's drama " Cheongdam-Dong Alice used to be shown here 
And movie " Confession of Murder " still available on Netflix also )

Anyway, we don't really care much what actors they're talking about 
or who they're focusing on.
We show you only part they mentioned about Park Si Hoo

You can follow the full article on the link below here :

~ Park Si Hoo and his shower scene in drama " Local Hero " ~

▲ OCN '동네의 영웅' 박시후
▲ OCN ' Neighborhood Hero' Park Si Hoo

교도소 출소를 앞둔 박시후. 출소 후에도 복수는 하지 말라고 말리던 후배는 돌연 
박시후의 몸을 가리키며 "왜 몸을 미친듯이 만들었어? 굉장히 동물적이야"
 하고 놀라워 한다. 박시후는 "나 섹시해지면 안 되겠냐?"
고 너스레 떨며 자신의 복근을 당당하게 두드린다.

As a prisoner, Park Si Hoo is releasing from the prison. His friend told him 
" Don't release his revenge from the prison with him ( Or don't seek the revenge )
And suddenly pointing his finger at body of Park Si Hoo 
"Well, when did you build such a nice body like this? 
Look at this, you're like an animal" and amazing. 
Park Si Hoo replied " Hey, am I too sexy for you now, huh?" 
And he tabbed his hand on his abs.

These pictures with English subs of the shower scene from drama fever, thank you!

Credit :, thank you!

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