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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fan article : We would like tickets for movie " After Love "

I tried to think what should I title this post ?
Then after read this article one more time, I decided to go with the one you see!^^

A brief summary for this article is.... 

These Chinese fans went to a movie theater in Osaka, Japan on May 11 to buy tickets 
for movie " After Love " that supposed to be shown on May 14 ( If it's not cancelled ) 
I'm not sure they came to Japan since Park Si Hoo's concert and decided to stay  
a little longer because " After Love " will be shown just a week after his concert! 
( I would do the same thing if I were there!^^ )

Anyway they didn't hang around Tokyo but went to Osaka instead.
And on May 11, they still had no clue that the movie was cancelled. 
( The announcement came on May 12 at After Love's official Twitter)

In the early afternoon, they took subway to buy the tickets in advance at the theater 
But got lost on the subway! They arrived but found out it's not the right place!
After realized they went to the wrong theater
they had to catch the subway back to the right place! 

And...Finally they had arrived to the theater that supposed to be the right one!
Now, let's see what happen after they stood in front of the box office and said...

Tickets for movie " After Love ", please.... 

Link to the original article in Chinese :

( This article translated by Google won't be 100% accurated, thank you! )

Shared by Verna_Chen_, thank you!

On May 22 at 2 pm : Osaka, Japan

On the left is the ticket counter, then two or three staff members are busy. 
I asked a girl in the ticket counter after the inquiry: "movie "After Love " released today?"
 She shoed me the "open list of movie" I spoke with English and Japanese explained to me,
 I saw Si Hoo's work came in the last column, at the same time, 
she let me stand on the right side of "Scent" movie posters, I started to understand 
what she meant: "After Love delayed the released date, 
And now they will show movie "Scent" instead. " 

I think my face must obviously express with a deep disappointment, she has explained apologetically directly with me. Movie stand, about 5 square to the right of the public space
 has been opened up for the magazine display and sale space. In the sale section there were 
a number of magazine shelves showcase Korean star and Si Hoo was in a cover of the magazine is the largest, in my impression should account for one-half of it, visible Si Hoo really very popular. I asked the staff if they allowed us to take pictures, they said yes, I hastened to lift 
a variety of cell phone camera photos. Take pictures of Hoo for numerous magazine covers, 
So dazzling.

After made some good memory when we finally came to the right place, but can not reach 
the cinema wish, indeed unwilling; Fortunately, I can buy here Hoo and pictorial magazine, 
and it was the best healing medicine. I took several pictures of Hoo and magazines, 
and turned to the counter settlement payment, a gentleman behind the counter smiled 
and asked me in English: "? Where are you from" such conventional problem,
 I said, "I'm from China come, I am Park Si Hoo's fan, I today is specially came to see
 his movies, now is not as good a pity! " He politely told me not to sorry, he added that 
Park Si Hoo is indeed very popular, he has a lot of fans here. 
To this end, we knowing hearty laugh.

 Although I did not reach planned movie, but still a worthwhile trip, my backpack is indeed fully loaded. See the table on the wrist, just five p.m., a phone call to a friend to say I'll be; 
I suggest we go to sushi restaurant for a beer, immediately get a warm response, it seems
 that we were tired. · South Hall in front of Daimaru I returned from Cinemrt Daimaru · 
South Hall took only seven minutes, I had a stomach, then, but the face is waiting in front of friends, only one sentence: "! Go & Get some beer." 

**( Wrap up the last part below by myself!^^ )

After a big disappointed from Osaka with " After Love " they decided to fly back to Tokyo 
and hope to get the ticket for movie " Scent " special screening at Shinjuku Theater
 ( Scent supposed to show from Sat, May 14 ~ Fri, May 20 ) 
Because they went there too early, the ticket will start selling on May 12! 
So another disappointed for them but they said they still got to see Park Si Hoo's poster 
from his movie " Scent " and each of them got leaflet with Park Si Hoo's photo in it back home! 
(Without any cost, after the staff said it's okay for them to take!^^)

~ Great story, great spirit, and absolutely great fans ~

Hope Park Si Hoo's fans don't have to wait too long for this movie....
So far, it's long enough!

But...Cheer up, everyone!
For our beloved Park Si Hoo!

Credit :, thank you!

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