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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Updated TBS : (Japanese only) Park Si Hoo's Interview on TBS Channel .... Part # 3

With help from our friend how to use google app properly,
So we managed to get the translation for you.

But it's still from Google!^^

Part # 1 : Park Si Hoo 's Interview on TBS Channel ... 

Park Si Hoo became very popular in Japan since drama <Iljimae> or prosecutor Princess, 
the talented handsome actor , Park SI Hoo, who attracted many fans, such as in [The princess' Man] 
[ Korea Tame ○ CHANNEL] had solo interview with him depending on! This is, coverage of
 the scene we would like to introduce Park Si-hoo with red floral jacket in pale pink T-shirt, 
Park Si Hoo appeared to the interview room while white torn jean in fresh clothes that can feel
 the early summer with a straw hat greeted with a smile and "Hello ~!"  His staff had final adjust 
with his hat and the hair style for Park Si-hoo, who was showing a smile with constantly shining 
white teeth, this is the atmosphere during the interview I summon to start.

First and One in the first concert, 

Interview was done on the day of Park Si-hoo first concert [PARK SI HOO LI VE 016] 
It was "really fun and try to hear his impressions after finishing the performance day
 to ask you about. it was seen figure that more fans rejoice the good-looking figure was more
 upgrade in the performance night I think that your show can be. we expect or not than 
who can be satisfied with fans "and was revealed! also, showing off dance as well as singing in 
the same performance it had was Park Si-hoo said " The dance that I wanted to deliver hahaha (laughs)It's a little bit different and it was fun to fans, and delightful that I was able to work hard 
for the  preparation. enjoy "and smiled. HI!

"Local Hero" The latest drama · 

☆It is subsequently about the film, the other day and the end is broadcast in South Korea 
as early as it is "action scene for the latest dramas [town hero] of Park Si-hoo to welcome 
Japan's first broadcast from may 23, there are many, so has become the drama of attractions packed,
 I think that you can enjoy "and description. 

In addition, it is also published in Japan from May 14, the screen return operation for the first time 
in three years Park Si Hoo, who played the original aviation pilot role in the looking for your voice after- Love] is the "orthodox Love Story I draw a tale of painful love, but with questions about private for sadness private that or increase the expectations and the child to feel the beauty, 
even as it has become a movie 

TBS:. (Japanese only) Park Si Hoo 's Interview on TBS Channel .... Part # 3 

Private question, for sure eat cuisine in Japan, " I come to Japan always eat the tendon. 
delicious Shabu I went to a ramen place also to love those who go to eat well is looking for 
a delicious shops had been talking about," 

Credit, thank you!


  1. Hi! You might use Google translator to translate from pictures. First select the language (Jap -> Eng), then click on the black box representing a picture (left side in the text box) and choose if you want to take a pic or to select one from your gallery (again bottom left). Enjoy ^^

    1. You mean from the website or here? Thanks, friend!^^

  2. I would suggest to download the app in your smartphone/iphone. If you save the pictures in your gallery, you can translate just using the mobile.

    1. I mean to download the google translator app...^^

    2. Oh! I have all of those apps! The problem is on Tbs site they won't let me copy ( highlight ) the article! So I can't drag & drop to google translation app!

  3. Dear Nikki, I sent you an email to explain with pictures. Cheers

    1. I got it, will try to post it tomorrow! Thank again, friend!^^