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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, April 1, 2016

News : Two News that mentioned about Park Si Hoo

During our break we still checked his news if there is any we think it's worth to bring here!^^

Not important news but something related to Park Si Hoo, of course!

* ( This news was out of our radar because for some reason, even they mentioned his drama 
but they didn't write his name in the article at all! (So we can't find them by his name )
But at least they have his picture on the news. Anyway we manage to find out
through Baidu blog, thanks for Chinese fans! )

( We only translations the parts that related with Local Hero)

Translated by google

In both Television and movie screen, the heroes are occupied. 2016--03--25 

Movie screen "Hero" craze on television and strongly falling. Divine super heroes though ordinary, but different mental strength heroes of the performance started. "Hero fever" swept the television, movie screen. Last month release of "grassroots" hero. 

In March 24 release. "Batman: Start big Superman justice" premiere 219,674 accounts at the box office first, occupied if a superhuman ability to superhero in the "big screen", 

And that ordinary "heroes" are displayed on the TV screen also. It's played the main character who just an ordinary man, but has a remarkable will and judgment. in OCN cable TV series " Local Hero," about a former agent who came to the area near the settlement and to solve community problems through the story, captures the audience's eyes. compared with the size Batman or Superman. he was a little superhero, but he assured the community safety and exudes kindness and humanity charm for the audience's enthusiasm for the heroes of the movie screen and on TV fanatic charm, seems to reflect the people who waiting for a hero appears in the mentality of the side. 

The reality is difficult and painful, on television and film they wanted heroes forces for justice to give psychological satisfaction. but you need to know one thing heroes is not far away from ordinary people, he is in the vicinity stick to his principles, to protect the weak, raise their right, you will be eligible to become a hero too... photo: brother , OCN TV screen capture, NEW}


**First this news mentioned about the kiss scene in drama " Descendants of the Sun " again. 
it said in TV dramas they consider Lee Byung Hun & Park Si Hoo are the actors 
who good at kissing scene!^^  

And This is the part related to Park Si Hoo, we translated by google for you : 

" Lee Byung-hun and Park Si Hoo among domestic actors who have a reputation as handling
 a good kissing skill. The Kiss in Park Si Hoo had taken with Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess and Lee Byung-hun with Kim Tae Hee in 'Iris'  The atmosphere played a major role 
in the melodrama for the God of Kisses. "

Sorry, we just use pictures from this scene to remind you 
what it means " " God of Kisses "^^

Credit :, thank you!
Credit :, thank you!


  1. Wow, your hot PSH yoj are God of kissing scene......

  2. Wow, your hot PSH yoj are God of kissing scene......