Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Birthday Tour 2016 : Told & Picture by Japanese fans 2016.04.02

Credit : Second Hyororin, thank you! 

She is with a group tour and posted pictures 
And story where she went last night on her blog, thank you!

(We used google translation so it won't 100% accurate)

18:40 pm

Finally ❗ that we had arrived at the hotel 
from 7:00 will head to local hero location  ~ ~ ~


Covering! ! 

photo before Lotte Hotel World ❗


Bus Guide's told "Local Hero" story 

(* Schiff is Park Si Hoo )

"First round, but seemed like Schiff's really nervous, but his facial expression 
was a very deep feeling that made a great performance for Schiff's with each passing times,
 He made a very good impression to his South Korea. It's such a good feeling for me ❗ 
Later I came back ~ ~ ~ also in South Korean news 
His reputation was good also❗ 
I'm really happy ❗


Now, I ~ ~ ~ we finished eating
the Zundubuchige and braised pork and gejang like 
to have food ~ ~ ~ 
~ ~ ~ to finally cultural street from now

Culture Street Shiyun was there ~ ~ ~


"Neighbor" Barnear ~ ~ ~ 
blue sign is no longer there  ~ ~ ~


Convenience store ❕ was firs apparent shooting of Shiyun 
I'm right?


Yuri's friend's cafe


Deceased Jin Woo's mom 
cafeteria Ssu ~ ~ ~ 
No Interior or exterior to be seen as in the shooting ❗

Scene of the wall ~ ~ Between Si Yoon & Yoon

Credit : Second Hyororin, thank you! 

~ We will continue her story after she update it, thank you! ~

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