Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Completed VDO : Park Si Hoo Drama Festival 2017 in Japan

Very thankful to ssssss501 who shared the video with us!

And you know how she did it?

She broke them up into 25 short videos 
to fit 1 minute permission on instagram

And because it's so long, 
I have to break them up into 5 videos also, enjoy!

Part # 1

If you remember his interview I had posted here before, 
PSH had mentioned about his rehearsal taken longer than he expected, 
caused his first appearance on stage delayed. 
Fans had to wait patiently before he finally came out
 and he's really concern about his fans's feeling.

Now, from VDO Part # 1, around minutes of 4:20 (almost the end), 
While they're sitting and waiting for the screen 

to show behind the scene pictures of The Princess' Man.

Ms. MC had said to the audiences and Park Si Hoo...

MC : しかししか写真がすぐに出なかっただ||ここでシフさんが一言
MC : The pictures will come out immediately, Si Hoo san please say something

And this is his reply to her...

PSH : わざと遅らせているのた
PSH : I was deliberately delayed
( Created a big laugh from the audiences 😂  😂  😂   )

Such a considerate & funny person he is!

Part # 2

Part # 3

Part # 4

Part # 5

Credit : ssssss501, thank you!