Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Various news praised Park Si Hoo after the last episode of drama " Local Hero "

So many news, we bring the small portion of them that make us happy (with him)^^

1. Actor Park Si Hoo spreading the impressive acting from the last episode 
of 'Neighborhood Hero ' announced the successful return to the home theater.

2. Actor Park Si Hoo had completed a successful comeback 
debut through 'Neighborhood Hero' 
After three years, by introducing a solid acting ability and charisma. 

Park Si Hoo concentrate only for his works despite the positive and negative attention leaning 
toward himself, and he is the first actor who proved that he's beyond just an ordinary acting. 
He brings another interesting addition to his acting, through colorful visuals. 
As thrilling action God, for female fans he can beat and defeat many enemies alone 
while wearing a neat dresses.

Sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Weak and the weak, the strong appearance of Si Yoon leadership was born as an alternative characters can not be met in more than 10 years of shining Park Sihoo Acting career. Not any actors in his presence time can come up enough easily,
 Park Si Hoo was really impressive. 

Park Sihoo's agent, Hoo factory said "Park Si Hoo is dedicated to practice for his role as a comeback after three years, such as monitoring without exception the scene he showed an extraordinary passion, " We're glad to get a good response after this much efforts. We will reciprocate the love of audiences who to do even better in future "said in the comment. 

'Efforts that never betray." 'Neighborhood Hero' will be remembered as the authenticity of 
Park Sihoo. We look forward to the lively activities of the Park Si Hoo. 
Meanwhile, Park Si Hoo is expected to continue his busy pace
 back and forth between Korea, Japan, and China. 

3. Be 'Real' hero 'to' Neighborhood Hero 'Park Sihoo

Park Sihoo digestion without clogging all genres, including action, charisma, tears and laughter 
and he was working without a touch of regret actor Park Sihoo for 11 years.

4. In addition, the broadcast end has gotta capture that Si Yoon will continue his life as a shadow 
the hero who will fight for the little people in other regions. Responding to reach viewers' expectations until the end with a warm impression. Particularly Park Si Hoo was strutting 
with his perfect appearance with suits, and hot charisma alone by don't even mention 
he will blow you out with his action. 

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