Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Princess' Man : Meet The Princess' Man book

Okay! Let's come back to the drama that no one ever disappointed!^^

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I stopped by the coffee shop and met a new book

Long will men already ceased drama princess from a book. It is also a comic ~

View a summary of each paragraph to introduce the characters 
from each subtitle is the good times spent with photos cleanup

With the signing of the protagonist Park Sihoo visible when you open the cover. 
The signs are whether directly .. or do distinction as to whether the two kinds of printed

Anyway, directors and writers have been introduced as well as to express about the supporting characters, it is helpful to understand the various characters of the drama

Before introduction As the book inside is there consists cartoon contains the scene 
as captured cut in the drama that dealt a dialogue and sound effects on the idea more realistic 
and sufficient parameters to evoke memories to share about the man of the drama 
I watched long time ago enjoyable due to a variety of capture cut It became. 
Some time and effort to edit the hell is this cut contains one heard that?

Man cartoon images of the drama many weeks to read a book by an exquisite compilation
 of key episodes and major capture detailed expression of the actor is a book that provides 
enough sights. I feel of the passion and pride in this drama. 

Meet A book from drama The Princess' Man

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