Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Local Hero : The excitement in Episode # 13...JJ & his gang

This is just my opinion!

I think the climax in Episode # 13 is when JJ & his gang 
( a man and a woman )
Will come to the bar to attack Baek Si Yoon 
( You don't think they want to get a drink, do you?^^ )

Let's see what these pictures tried to tell us ?

Start with the confrontation 
between the neighbors & Yoon's people

Yoon said...

Si Yoon said ....

Yoon's boss said .....

So Si Yoon knows they are coming

Prepare for the fight!

They're here!

Lady first!

Follow with the axe man!

And the last & the hardest one... JJ

With his new weapon

Who will win or lose?
 Si Yoon will get injured?

Please watch Episode # 13 tonight at 11 pm!^^

Credit : OCN, thank you!


  1. Yes...showdown between Baek SiYoon and JJ. Must watch tonight ! No English subs ..doesn't matter !