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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Local Hero : What happened with Si Yoon and Chan Gyu? In Episode 7 with spectator points!

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Every Sat / Sun 23:00 OCN this broadcast

The tragedy unfolds before siyun and changyu!
The two men do you get through this tragedy, right?

And more to prevent the tragedy
The story of the hero of the neighborhood begin!

Synopsis Episode 7

Siyun and changyu falls in front of the sudden tragedy shocked.
To prevent further tragedy is siyun
It offered a ceasefire to the Central Intelligence Agency, but
Jeongsuhyeok will begin in earnest to chase the whereabouts of hwangsajang's memoir.
On the other hand, changyu is newly in charge of monitoring the work of siyun ...
Taihu Lake has decided to pursue a serial killer in any doubt by himself ...

One spectator points, yinya truce! Yinya war!

Death of seojunseok!
And again it is happening the tragedy of street culture!

To prevent further tragedy
Siyun but offered a truce in the fight against the Central Intelligence Agency
Jeongsuhyeok is to stick to the memoirs of hwangsajang more ...

Siyun as in the past and is jeongsuhyeok
Geolkkayo can not go through good seonhubae between?

Watching two points and move the Taihu Lake!

Stop chasing the criminal subsistence money!
Imtaeho criminal justice for keeping the neighborhood peaceful!

Meanwhile, the pressure to keep the home
Move the Taihu did not do anything!

Juseyeo sure to get the bad guys threatening the neighborhood, Detective!

Preview Episode 7 

Why is changyu and Taihu met?

Nimdeul siyun and serious criminal!
What the hell is it happened to street culture ?!

Sang Min is geolkkayo seeing anyone?
Another attempt to commit what you're doing!

Nimdeul hero of the neighborhood!
Eonneung sseyeo punish the bad guys!

Life hyperlocal neighborhood cheopbojeon
<Hero of the neighborhood>
Every Sat / Sun 23:00 OCN this broadcast

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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