Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Local Hero : Point of interesting in Episode 8

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Taiho started to investigate behind the murder case 
andYunsangmin will defend the streets from Siyun,
And Change was ordered to monitor Siyun!

And to fight big capital
Efforts will continue to be a hero!

Episode 8 Synopsis

Taihu is secretly under investigating the case behind the murders bakseonhu,
Siyun whether begins to conflict.
On the other hand, the yunsangmin is confronted 
with atrocities committed Siyun for demolition Culture Street
But the streets to defend a shadow conspiracy to undermine him go only getting geosejyeo.
Changyu to coincide with the orderly prayer and gather strength ... Let's keep the siyun

Watching one point, the criminal justice Imtaeho!

Taihu secretly investigates the murder cases in question is
Whether behind the bakseonhu whether siyun
Two men will be torn between!

Taihu is expected to help Siyun
Can you keep a cultural away from big capital?

Watching two points, the forces that undermine the siyun!

The identity of those who threaten the cultural distance
Little by little closer siyun go!
And just as the forces corresponding to undermine the siyun him!

What the hell happen to Siyun, when he will be able to live comfortably.
Siyun please stay alive !!!

Preview Episode 8 

That bastard is chasing the Taihu and Changyu
Also anyone noticed Seo Ahn! Let there be light congestion!

The death of Hwangsajang
The rushes to work together even more for Siyun, Taihu, and changyu!

Today all join forces and big capital
Expectations and the fight against!
Today saw. Room four number

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<Hero of the neighborhood>
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Credit : OCN, thank you!

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